Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on on the amtrak from boston to new york city.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on on the amtrak from boston to new york city. The key highlight of the conversation was the frustration that the man felt towards the woman because of her ignorance about the land that was taken away from the man and his ancestors. He had brought orange juice to the woman, and it might have been an act of kindness. It is because the next sentence explains that the man was very respectful to all his elders. It can justify the man’s character as being a person who is not rude and understands that rudeness will not solve any form of misunderstanding.

Don Henley’s idea that made Alexie very made was that only the Native American people inhabited the land before anyone else. The whole poem describes Alexie talking to himself and using profanities each time the white women would talk about “white” men. There is a time when the woman asks him about Walden Pond to which he hails profanities at the woman and states that he has no ounce of care towards Walden.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on on the amtrak from boston to new york city.
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The use of obscenities was his way of trying to show his outrage that was brought about by the woman’s ignorance. To express his anger further, he states that if Don’s family had not come to the land in the first place, then there would be no need to save it. All these anger outbursts show that Alexie is a Native American who is very unhappy that his family was pushed out of their land.

The speaker’s perspective is that of judgment. His opinions of “white” history revolve around the stories of people who were overpowered by the white man, and their lands were taken away. For this reason, they could not continue making their history. He is very bitter when this thought crosses his mind. Additionally, the white man took away all the credit for what they had historically created.

This poem by Sherman Alexie is interesting because it gives a new perspective of the country’s state as it is today. The most intriguing part is that it provides the outlook from the eyes of a Native. Alexie would be happy if the other races left his country. He is also bitter towards the white man. To justify the reason he wants all the other races to leave his country, he terms them as the “enemy.” He believes that the Native American people were treated unpleasantly and harshly in the past. I agree with his assessment of this.

Blue Winds Dancing” is a story that tells the struggles a young Native had to endure while growing up in America. The struggles exist because there was a conflict between our American expectations and the thoughts of the ancient Indian. The speakers’ attitude expresses the anger and frustration that they have towards the white people for taking away their land and homes. They justify the resentment as an outlet of letting their frustrations out. The monologues in the blue winds dancing are about the narrator trying to cope with society and search for his identity. On the other hand, the poem by Sherman expresses its internal monologue by use of frustration that was brought by when the white people took land that initially belonged to the Native people of America. It is in place to justify the anger they feel.

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