Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on developing strong leadership.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on developing strong leadership. The modern world is now becoming more and more of a challenging and demanding field for competition in whatever area one engages him/herself with. Education has now become an important tool to the success of people in the field, however there are still a lot who fail and get frustrated because of certain factors. One of the most important matters that had always been mentioned in considering what field of interest an individual gets involved in, in order to be become successful, is natural abilities. Having heard a lot of times from friends and colleagues that I have some leadership abilities, I am almost flattered but have to come to my senses that these could go to waste if not managed well or if they are not honed. Competition in leadership these days is tougher because of the increase of studies in modern systems and technology and therefore demands from leaders a lot of intense trainings in many aspects and, does not limit candidates in their abilities and capabilities alone.

Master of Public Policy and Administration catches my interest because I believe there are a lot of tried and tested researches in the course that I could use in the field of specialization I want to engage myself with. The course, I believe, will give me the knowledge and understanding of the policies and processes of decision making and other important information a leader should possess in order to succeed not only in his personal development but that of other people’s as well. I believe that leadership is not just about a person but it is about people, how they should work together according to their abilities and capabilities and therefore, the need for a leader to be educated is truly essential.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on developing strong leadership.
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Helping other people has always been my passion and that is probably the reason why a lot of my friends recognized my abilities on human relationships. I can see this characteristic as an advantage on my part not only to my goals but the whole process of achieving my objectives. I am well aware that there would be a lot of demands from me on researches, discussions and presentations but I am rather prepared for the tasks because reading is one of my interests. My cultural background could also be an advantage to me because I could discuss matters from a different perspective and consider the flaws or strengths of those which are applied in my country on leadership principles.

California Lutheran University in particular is a choice that I believe is an efficient tool for the education and training I am aiming to have for the development of my abilities. With the strong teachings of the university that particularly aims on the production of leaders with firm and morale standing, I believe that the best in me will be molded well. Commitment is one of the attributes I believe a leader should have so that the commitment of the university to achievement, good performance and strong leadership would influence my character at large as I learn, discover and sharpen my skills and talents with the help of highly able instructors. The long history of the school is also a factor that has been considered, having gained a name that deserves respect and a reputation that is highly commendable. I believe the school itself spells out good leadership so that it is an institution that could teach on leadership without question. Having been founded on good leadership, it is the desire of this applicant to have a strong link with the university as I partner for the achievement of her mission which is the production of world-class, competent leaders.

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