Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on dementia patient care plan.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on dementia patient care plan. Different diseases that directly affect the brain can lead to the development of dementia, with the major cause being Alzheimer disease.

As much as scientists have not identified the exact reasons behind and process that individuals develop Alzheimer disease, it is evident that it results from the death of neurons (nerve cells) in the brain (Lu & Bludau, 2011). It is evident that a type of protein referred to as beta-amyloid and protein fiber masses form deposits within the brain of individuals with the disease.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on dementia patient care plan.
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Peter* is an 86-year-old Navajo of American-Indian background. He lives with Maria*, his 80-year-old wife, in a ranch on the outskirts of Alaska. The couple solely depends on Peter’s retirement benefits that are not enough to cater for their needs. The government’s health insurance is limited. hence, the family’s expenses majorly lies in Peter’s healthcare. The couple never had children and has to be independent at old age. However, Peter cut-off his drinking habits after attending rehabilitation. In his heydays, he was a professional footballer right before he retired from football and joined the media as a sports reporter. During his football career, Peter was admitted to hospital for a concussion and a brain contusion after continuous complaints of losing balance and having blurred vision.

Peter has faced ten driving under the influence (DUI) charges that led to him losing his driving license and attending a rehabilitation center. Peter’s wife has osteoporosis and is weak, an aspect that has made it difficult for her to take care of her husband. Peter has reported cases of increased confusion and forgetfulness. For example, he stated that he often looks for something when he is holding it in the hand, and forgets names of close people and places. Such occurrences have increased concerns for Peter that he could be developing Alzheimer’s disease.&nbsp.

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