You will prepare and submit a term paper on Research methodology. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Research methodology. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length. Research methodology Unlike research methods that are used by researchers to refer to distinct techniques that are applied while carrying out a research study, the research, methodology describes the vast number of processes that a researcher involves while studying specific phenomena. Methodologies therefore refer to the systematic process through which a research study is carried out. Research methods are categorically part of the methodologies that are utilized by a researcher within the framework of carrying out a research study. Methodology is a critical step while carrying out a research study in that through literature review, one is able to know whether it is a study that has ever been done and if so the methods applied previously and the outcomes that were gotten. It therefore assists the research in determining whether his/her methods have been used in the past and what other methods have ever been used. Moreover, the methodology may depend on the research being either structured or unstructured within the qualitative/quantitative analysis. Within the empirical context of research study, the researcher identifies the overall population, decides on the observable variables and then quantification of the empirical research is done. This involves the methods of measuring the variables, estimating the respective parameters and then testing the hypothesis. This does not however, necessarily rely on any specific theorem. Nevertheless, the conceptual or theoretical research studies are guided by some abstract ideas or theories. However, the two perspectives. the theoretical as well as the empirical perpectives compliment each other for the reliability of the findings that are resultant of a study. It is however mandatory for every researcher to define the theory under use in order to determine the methodologies to use within the study. These are equally dependent on the subject or field of study. The research paradigm adopted as either being qualitative or quantitative is equally very instrumental in deciding on the methodology to be applied. Qualitative and quantitative research studies depend on the major differences notable on the nature of reality, epistemology (relationships being studied), use of language, role of values as well as the overall research process (Aylward and Clarke, 2005, p.29 of 65). Analytical methods are applicable within the context of testable variable within studies. Other relationships are not testable hence the studies adopt the deductive methodologies of carrying out a research study. On the other hand, whenever research variables relate in manners that are both predictable through theoretical deductions and can be testable, the studies will employ the use of the two simultaneously. Deductions from the study findings will then be applicable in general context within the capacity of the study to project and make inferences. For instance, in studying the effects of entrepreneurship within firms and the effects, our study has employed the use of analytical methodology of testing data and making possible inferences. Through testing the significance of the values gotten through regression methods, we ascertain the impact of each variable to the overall deductions arrived at. The research will employ use of raw facts and figures from economic surveys and individual corporation periodicals over the period of the organization in context. Focus group interviews as well as the customized individual surveys will assist in collecting the required data. Financial data from the organizations over the time period will be adopted to capture the trends in financial output of the firms before, during as well as after the innovations procedure for comparison purposes. Previous studies: For instance, a study was carried out in Bangladesh to establish the factors that are favorable for the thriving of intrapreneurial spirit within the country. The study employed a sample representation of industries as well as companies through which the generalization of the findings was to be made. High innovation among the trading firms was notable within this era of globalization. The study undertook an empirical study (Balasundaram and Uddin, 2009, p.35). Another research study was carried out through the evaluation and analyses of the available literature on the concepts as well as the principles that are prevalent within organizations and which in one way or the other influence the spirit of entrepreneurship. Work place values, employee personal character as well as social cultural factors are key in determining the direction taken as regards the intrapreneurialship of an organization. (Azami, 2013, p. 198). Through an exploratory investigation, Bosma and friends sought to analyze the global perspective of intrapreneurship. Moreover, the study sought to understand the distribution of intrapreneurs within the frame work of age and found that more innovation rests with the younger employees as compared to the elderly employees. Furthermore, the likely hood of employees to engage in intrapreneural innovations is double within the high income countries as compared to the low income countries (Bosma, Stam and Wennekers, 2010, p. 3). By conducting my study under the analytical framework and by use of mathematical approach, the study methodology is not unique as others have used the methodology in the past. However, uniqueness is ascertained by the specific variables that are used within this study as opposed to the earlier studies outlined above. Primary data will be more relevant in this study though with support of some secondary data for analysis of the past because through the firsthand data, there will be a reduction in the errors to be incorporated within the entire research study. Bibliography Azami S. 2013. Intrapreneurship-“An Exigent Employement” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4, APRIL 2013 p. 198. Aylward D. and Clarke R. 2005. Research models and methodologies. HDR seminar series. Faculty of commerce spring session 2005. p.29 of 65 Balasundaram N. and Uddin M. S. 2009. Development: an Empirical Study of Some Selected Companies in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Determinants of Key Favorable Environment for Intrapreneurship BULETINUL Universitatii Petrol – Gaze din Ploiesti. Vol. LXI No. 2/2009. 29-35 p. 35. Bosma N. Stam E. and Wennekers S. 2010. Intrapreneurship – An international study. Scientific analysis of entrepreneurs and SMEs. January 2010.p. 3.

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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Research methodology. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length.
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