You will prepare and submit a term paper on Plato and Descrates. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Plato and Descrates. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. The relationship of the soul to the body is one which many philosophers disagree over, specifically because of the associations which they have to the actions and functions which take place. The differences and similarities that are associated with Plato and Descartes and the relationship of the soul to the body are one of the concepts which are often looked into. Both hold a specific understanding of how the soul relates to the body while defining different aspects of the ideologies of the theory. The difference between both is based on how one relates to each other. however, both hold the same fundamental understanding that the body and soul are related in certain ways. The similarities between Plato and Descrates are based on the fundamental agreement of the soul and body. Both philosophers state that the first step to the argument is to believe that there is a soul, which is a part of the “I” or identity with the self. The characteristics which one has as well as the associations which one carries in terms of the mind and soul is what allows one to create a sense of expression and ideologies that are created in their physical existence. It is also noted that both believe that the soul transcends, or lives beyond the body after the body dies, specifically with the immortality of the soul (Broadie, p. 101). Each of these recognitions is able to set the main debate of how the soul relates to other elements that are in the physical world. The main difference between both philosophers is created with how the soul relates to the body. The concept which Plato points out is that the soul, also which he states as the psyche, is separate, or dualistic. The soul is separated from the body and neither is directly connected to the other. This particular debate is often referred to as Platonic dualism. The main concern which Plato then raises is how one acts in accordance with their soul Plato states that the soul carries three specific attributes that are separate from the body. However, he also points out that these attributes, while concentrating on them, are directly attributed to the body and the actions which are taken. The dualistic nature may cause the body to not align directly with the attributes of the soul except through the relationship taken with actions (Benson, p. 280). While Descartes believed that both the body and soul were separate entities, there was also a relationship which was pointed out in terms of the two. The concept which Descartes stated was based on the same dualistic nature of Plato with each existing as separate entities. However, Descartes also stated that the soul and the body linked together at a physical point in the pineal gland. The soul and body were able to interact at this point in which the body could respond to the character of the soul by either accepting or rejecting the information and actions which were received. The concept which Descartes approached was known as interactionism of the mind – body relationship, specifically in which the soul could link together to the mind (Lerner, p. 23). The relationship to the mind and the body is one which is attributed to several concepts within society. When examining these ideologies, Plato and Descartes have created different understanding and forms of how each link. The similarities are created with the defining points of the soul, immortality and the characteristics which both have. Both philosophers also agree on the concept of dualism of both. However, there are differences created between both, specifically with Plato’s belief that neither the mind or body intertwine, while Descartes points out that there are some relationships and interactions that are based on the mind – body relationship. Works Cited Benson, Hugh. A Companion to Plato. Wiley – Blackwell: UK, 2006. Broadie, Sarah. Aristotle and Beyond: Essays on Metaphysics and Ethics. Cambridge University Press: UK, 2007. Lerner, Richard. Concepts and Theories of Human Development. Routledge: New York, 2002.

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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Plato and Descrates. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length.
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