You will prepare and submit a term paper on Do Nothing and Do Everything: An Illustrated New Taoism.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Do Nothing and Do Everything: An Illustrated New Taoism. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length. Task Introduction Do Nothing and Do Everything by Qiguang Zhao illustrates the face of New Taoism. The portrays this, asit is the basic principle in his daily undertakings. The author has experienced both the Chinese and American culture. He becomes a professor in an American liberal college that deals with art. In the book, the author uses the ideologies of Wu Wei and Wu Bu Wei to the contemporary way of life. This preface to antique Taoism displays itself in the book in cheerful and witty manner. At the same time, it tries to respond to the general thirst for a different approach to life, and a yearning for health, serenity, and spiritual emancipation. The paper tries to analyze and discuss the work of the author in details. Analysis of the book Affluent and hilarious illustrations express the subtle ideologies that explore language deeply and create it again in a similar style as used by the author during his class lectures in the art college. The book defines the lifestyles of both the American and Chinese life. The simple comical and reflective book portrays the importance of Taoism in the modern society. As an intellectual in his literary work and a great philosopher, Qiguang forms three bridges within the same book. The first contrast involves the ancient and the modern life. The second deals with the Eastern and the Western part. Lastly, it majors on the writings and pictures used in the author’s work. The writer uses the bridges as a source of inspiration that makes one rest because of nothing and soar high into the skies. Although he talks about not doing anything, he seems to perform everything as he goes through the diverse strands of the East, and the West ideologies on wisdom. The results produce an artistic work that provokes individuals to think beyond a person’s capability. Insightful and realistic wisdom demonstrates itself in this detailed account of the olden and the present Taoist knowledge. Qiguang Zhao’s endowment as a narrator, combined with his profound understanding, brings about the message in a touching manner. The influence of the Tao accompanies the writer during his expedition as a pupil from the Chinese Cultural Revolution times to lecturer in an American arts university. In the book, the author applies the ideologies of doing nothing and at the same time doing everything to the present-day life. Doing nothing and everything comes about because of keen observations of both the Americans and Chinese lifestyle. Shamanism is a vital element in the origin of Taoism. Shamans are spiritual individuals performing varied religious practices. The Taoist shamans have direct links with the evil spirits as they have powers to demolish and heal the evil spirits. As much as both genders were Shamans, women were the major Shamans as they performed exorcisms services during difficult periods, such as drought. Women symbolize a component of nature, which Taoist ideals represent as connected to feminist. The Shamans brought about the religious aspect of Taoism rather than a philosophical perception. Taoism as a branch of religion encourages enlighten as an individual accepts their fate in life. This is because the spirits making their inner desires dictate their lifestyle and accomplishment of their normal functions. This encourages positive creativity and productive use of nature in the universe. It is a mystical religion, as it supports broad thinking resulting to a serene harmonious rapport in the present-day fanatical world. Amid the important descriptions of Taoist beliefs are bodily immortality, breath control, and cleanliness. It supports a number of deities comprising of Lao Tzu as one of the major supreme beings. Tao-tsang scriptures consist of more than 1,400 totalling at least 5,000 chapters. The red colour possesses exceptional implication to mystics, signifying the furnaces found at alchemists. The Manchurian hoist with its scarlet spot of theology in its cap, and the complex cinnabar comprises of mercury and sulphur, which transforms into a shiny liquid and goes back into solid. There is substantial proof that this spiritual ideology of Taoism takes after many ‘Tantric’ fundamentals, in which the adoration of yin-yang takes on a conspicuously sexual and explicit. The interplay of yin and yang requisites represents and celebrates a sexual union. Some scholars think that the Tantric schools that were engrossed into Buddhism originated from Taoist ideologies. Physical exercises have developed partly from Taoism and from aggressive arts to stabilize energy. The exercises use slow motions termed as Tai Chi. Practitioners argue that it stimulates the nervous system and this results in lowering the high blood pressure, relieving anxiety, and toning body muscles without tension. It also improves digestion, removal of wastes, and the flow of blood. In addition, Tai Chi’s metrical actions massage the inner organs and develop their functionality (Zhao 187). Conclusion The author uses code to signify certain elements in the book. Beating of the drums, poems, and singing portray the aspect of music. Spirits are represented by the forces of natural history in their negative form, for example, disgruntled relations, or envious people. Occasionally shamans fight with wicked spirits, negotiating and at times deceiving them into throwing away their stolen soul. When a hero makes a voyage to worlds up in the skies or beneath the earth or water, or the territory of the dead is a sign of a shamanic story. Crossing the precincts demonstrates some of the means individuals use daily to crossover to spiritual reality. Work cited Zhao, Qiguang. Do nothing and do everything: an illustrated new Taoism. London: Paragon House, 2010. Print.

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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Do Nothing and Do Everything: An Illustrated New Taoism.
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