You will prepare and submit a term paper on Business Analysis of the Film and Its Production:

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Business Analysis of the Film and Its Production: The Kings Speech. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. The film was in production for nine months, from November of 2009 until August 2010. It entered postproduction status at the beginning of September 2010, where it remained until a month prior to its release, which was on December 24, 2010 in America and January 7, 2011 in the United Kingdom. The budget of The King’s Speech was $14,401,000 (ten million in European Euros), which is considered to be a low budget film. The film finished precisely on this budget. As a historical drama, the majority of the budget went to the location and the set design, since the film takes place in 1925, depression-era London. The next greatest portion of the budget went to the salaries of the leading actors, followed by the purchase of an Arricam studio camera with a 14 mm T1.3 Zeiss Master Prime lens, which is a special, albeit expensive, camera that would allow the director to experiment with new shots that would play upon the emotions of the characters. There was only a month or two delays from the time the film was finished until it was released in theaters in the United States. The reason for this delay, as is the case with all films, is to ensure that if extra shots needed to be filmed, they could be done so without risking going over the deadline of the film. It is uncommon that the delay period is as short as just a couple of months, but since the film was a historical piece and required very little of extra actors, the production company of The King’s Speech was able to pull it off with no problems. Distribution The companies that were in charge of distributing The King’s Speech were Australia’s branch of Paramount Pictures, The Weinstein Company of the United States, and Momentum Pictures in the United Kingdom. During its first week of release, The King’s Speech brought in $355,450 in the four theaters that released it in the United States. after this, the film was released to seven hundred more theaters throughout the States, though by the beginning of the New Year, it had been to release to a total of 1,543 screens. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, The King’s Speech earned $5,081,824 from 395 theaters in its first weekend. In Australia, the film made approximately $6,614,615 during its first two weeks. Globally, from the time the film was released until the present, The King’s Speech has earned $374,943,967 in gross revenue. The King’s Speech was filmed in Britain and intended to solely be a British film, only four theaters in the United States saw its release. However, the results of these previews prompted distributors to release in an additional 696 theaters. By January 2011, roughly around the time when the film was released in the United Kingdom, the demand was high for the United States, and so the film was further released into an additional 843 screens. The release was gradual, adding more theaters as the demand for the film grew, which is a common occurrence among independent films. The King’s Speech’s distribution overseas was just as successful as the domestic distribution. As the film was based and shot in London, the United Kingdom was always intended to be a part of the release. Furthermore, since one of the lead actors and a producer (Geoffrey Rush) is originally from Australia, the country also played a vital role in the overseas distribution. In revenue, The King’s Speech has received $130,000,000 overseas, a little less than half of what it has made in all.

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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Business Analysis of the Film and Its Production:
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