You will make updates to the Employee details page.

  1. First, you will add to the monthly benefit deduction to the Benefits field using ComputePayDeduction method from a previous assignment and add a field for Pay amount (see screenshot1).
  2. Next, you will add the ability to give promotions and bonuses to an Employee. The Promotion button calls the GivePromotion method you developed in a previous assignment. The Bonus button will only be active if the Bonus amount is between $500 and $10,000, and will call the GiveBonus method you also developed in a previous assignment.
  3. Next, you will add the ability to remove or add reports for a Manager. The Remove Report button is active when a report is selected in the Reports list box – and removes the report from the list. The Add Report button is active when an Employee is selected from the combo box below the Add Report button (which shows a list of Employees that can report to this Manager). The Remove/Add Report buttons are only visible when viewing a Manager (i.e., could be an Executive). The Combo box contains a list of possible, valid reports for this manager. If a Manager already has MaxReports, then no Employees should be listed in the combo box. Similarly, if an employee already has a manager, they should not be listed in the combo box. Remember, Executives can only have an instance of Manager or SalesPerson as a report.

Next, you will add features to the Home page (see screen shot 2).

  1. First, you will add a Remove Employee button under the Add Employee button from the previous assignment. The Remove button should only be active when an item is selected in the Employee data grid – similar to the Expenses and Details button – and should remove the selected Employee when clicked.
  2. Next, you willalsoadd the ability to search for a specific Employee by Name on the Employee home page. Users want the ability to enter a string and have the application show any Employee that has the string as a substring in theName field. Note that the filters still work – i.e., if the Sales radio button is selected and I type the value ‘Dan’ in the search box, then only sales people with ‘Dan’ in the first or last name should appear in the data grid. The search starts as soon as the person enters a character in the search box. An x button at the end of the search box cancels the search and clears the search box.
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You will make updates to the Employee details page.
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