You will create a PowerPoint Presentation

Your are NOT creating the infographics so on each slide there must be a link to the website page where you obtained the infographic.

You must also submit a bibliography (source list) as a Microsoft WORD file that contains a link to each infographic using APA format with

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You will create a PowerPoint Presentation
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Citation Machine will create the citation after you input the website link. Of course you can use a different app instead of Citation Machine such as Grammarly.

Attached is an example of an infographic for Walmart.

This desktop research will be a section of your Research Report called Situation Analysis which focuses on the Industry, Company, and Brand.

You will demonstrate your information literacy skills by gathering

40 infographics regarding the: Industry (retail)

40 infographics regarding the: Company (Walmart Stores Inc.)

40 infographics regarding the: Brand (Wal-Mart)

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