You are investigation an e-mail harassment case.

Include references in APA format.

  1. You are investigation an e-mail harassment case. Would you suggest collecting evidence for the case be handled by internal corporate investigations or by an outside criminal investigation organization? Provide reasons for your selection.
  2. Select one of the “specialized” e-mail recovery tools listed in chapter 11 and describe the tools attributes and how the tool is used to recovery e-mail evidence.
  3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using circular logging verse continuous logging.

For number 2 some specialized email recovery tools mentioned are: DataNumen, FINALeMAIL, Sawmill-Novell Groupwise, MailXaminer, Fookes Aid4Mail, Paraben E-Mail Examiner, AccessData FTK, R-Tools R-Mail, MXToolBox

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You are investigation an e-mail harassment case.
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Please only use online references, no books or journals.

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