Written Report – Financial performance evaluation

You currently work for ABC Laboratories; a company that provides specialised medical testing and other laboratory analyses. This for profit healthcare entity seeks to expand its operations. Mediclinic International and NMC Health have both asked ABC Laboratories for a strategic collaboration. The idea is that one of the two companies will use ABC Laboratories as a supplier for offering their specialised services. The ABC management, having these two proposals in mind, needs to find out which of the two healthcare entities is both ideal and credible as a client, based on their financial performance and financial health. For this reason the management requests a report that assesses the financial information of the two major healthcare entities as provided by their financial statements found here for Mediclinic International and here for NMC Health. Both Mediclinic International and NMC Health are among the top companies in their area in terms of revenues, profits, technological advance and innovative services and also they try to reinvest their profits and focus on long term growth. Both companies are always ‘on the way’ and constantly seeking possibilities to improve for the future through a healthy competitive environment. Sources taken from Annual Reports that both companies release every quarter. Requirements: Preparation Please start by consulting a number of related books and articles on financial reporting in your library as well as your module material to help you list the desirable characteristics of financial reports. Focus on those characteristics that measure financial performance and financial health. Furthermore, use the internet and press release sources to identify the internal and external financial environment of the two healthcare entities. Financial Analysis Download the annual reports of Mediclinic International and NMC Health with all the financial statements included and use at least 4 financial years per company to assess the following points: Examine these reports and then make the appropriate financial assessment that will include:•Vertical Analysis•Horizontal Analysis/Trend Analysis•Financial Ratio Analysis. Using the above mentioned tools examine the following for both healthcare entities:•Identify the strong points in the healthcare entities\’ financial state•Identify potential problems that challenge their financial health•Assess the healthcare entities\’ overall financial performance•Make the comparisons between them with the respective analysis All workings and tables, the summary for the analysis of the financial performance and the risk position of these healthcare entities should be shown and the ratios calculated for at least 4 financial years per company should be explained. Reporting After acquiring the outcomes of the financial analysis for the two healthcare entities you must prepare and present a report proposing the optimal choice between the entities analysed. In this report you are required to include the following: For both healthcare entities (Mediclinic International and NMC Health):•Discuss the strong points in their financial state•Discuss the potential problems that challenge their financial health AND propose solutions in case there will be a collaboration•Assess their overall financial performance Compare the two health care entities (Mediclinic International and NMC Health) based on:•The respective financial analysis and•Various market information as depicted by press releases and financial news Propose the optimal choice and discuss. Use and make reference to relevant academic literature when preparing your proposal and to support your arguments. The objective of this assignment for the students is to tackle the financial analysis of two healthcare sector companies as case studies and to provide a detailed discussion of the findings derived. You are encouraged to obtain information about Mediclinic International and NMC Health from the abundant press and media releases easily accessible. A written report of 3,000 words maximum (excluding tables, graphs, spreadsheets and references

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Written Report – Financial performance evaluation
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