Writing Assignment: GAP Analysis

ou have already created much of the information that will go in to this assignment through your self-assessments, careers, and organization research. We have also spent time in class discussing what is involved in performing a GAP analysis. In this assignment you will synthesize the information from your in-class exercises and writing assignments to identify gaps in your development, create a plan for filling your gaps, and write a 3-4 page long memo summarizing the results of your analysis. Formatting directions are in Appendix A of the Business Communications text. Your memo will have an introduction, conclusion, and the following three sections – 

  1. Employer expectations – what organizations are looking for in employees. Discuss the knowledge, skills, and other qualities that an employer would expect a new employee to have, both generally and specific to your preferred career. Focus on expectations employers would expect of a recent college graduate and where you’d start your career upon upon graduation.
  2. Current skill inventory and GAP analysis – from an employer’s perspective, where you are currently at in terms of the knowledge, skills, and qualities discussed in section 1. Discuss both your strengths and areas where you are not yet where an employer would expect you to be when you graduate (i.e., your gaps). Include an analysis of how the coursework you have taken so far and other activities have prepared you to enter your preferred career. When discussing your strengths, make sure to provide support for your claims.Note that you will likely have partial gaps and may have complete gaps. Include both in your analysis. 
  3. Development plan – how you plan to fill your gaps In this section you will develop a plan for how you plan to address the gaps you identified in section 2 and how you can prepare yourself to fill those gaps, including future courses that you will take. In terms of how you intend to fill your gaps, your answer could include things like the following (not an exhaustive list):
  • Summer internships
  • Work study
  • Join a campus professional club
  • Study abroad
  • Work or volunteer for a community organization
  • Lead a campus project
  • Tutor other students
  • Work at the university
  • Attend career fairs
  • Attend lectures by prominent guests of the university

BE SPECIFIC! Do not just say “join a club.” Which club? Why that club? What companies will you target for an internship? What specific steps will you take to get an internship? When will you launch your search? How will you proceed on your search (use Career Services, etc.)? What networking tactics can you use? In other words, in addition to discussing what you will do, also discuss why you will do it and when you plan to do it. Explain how what you propose fulfills a specific need – e.g., what knowledge and/or skills will you gain from joining a particular club or studying abroad? What courses (past and future) will help you? (Note – not addressing this last question will cause you to lose points.) 

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Writing style must be clear, concise, professional (i.e., no slang), and grammatically correct, free of typos and spelling errors, and properly punctuated.

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