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Disaster Personality A sound disaster personality would help save a lot of lives. Despite the dynamic horrors of disaster situations, this personality can be exercised to make it make it strong. Looking at the three cases that Amanda Ripley presents, one trait stands out in all the heroic survivors of these tragedies. This is the belief that one’s safety and survival is a responsibility of one’s self and not entirely other people’s (Lee 17). Amanda reckons that we experience disasters in unique ways alongside our identical basic reactions we all harbor.

It is important to live in circumspection. Disaster experts have developed better ways of detecting disasters and disseminating information about impending disasters promptly. Weather forecast has made it possible for experts to speculate risk of tornadoes and hurricanes. People should heed this information and act appropriately. Even so, disasters like fires and terrorist attacks strike unexpectedly. Rescorla had indicated his fears about a possible terrorist attack on the Trade Center, and they materialized when Ramzi blasted explosives right at the center’s parking garage. Circumspection may cost us resources, but it is worthwhile (Wiseman 25).

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Building a strong disaster personality would need exercising the brain. Fear paralyses individuals during disasters and makes people not to be able to act appropriately. Extreme fear will make an individual to stop and wait for help from outside. Had Kent Härstedt let fear take the better of him, he would probably not have lived to tell the story. People should not frown at fire drills. Instead, fire drills should help condition our minds for appropriate reaction in the time of disaster (Lee 18). Many got annoyed at Rescorla’s efforts at training his employees using fire drills. It is not a wonder that many of his employees made it out of the Trade Center safely when 9/11 struck.

Amanda has underscored the importance of leadership in situations of disasters. Leadership should help instill discipline so that some are not run over and others do not act selfishly. The Beverly fire is a classic case of the benefit of leadership in a disaster scene. People need to know what section of a disaster scene to go to and which to avoid (Wiseman 25). People should learn to respect the leadership during disaster. Also, people should domesticate leadership at an individual level so as to make it easy for disaster response efforts to work efficiently.

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