writing a letter

Writing assignment:  The writing assignment will take the form of a professionally constructed letter to Dr. *** (put the stars for the Dr. name) ****, (******Put an address) Professionalism counts here, so make sure you double-check your spelling and sentence construction.  The length is 700 words.

The grading rubric for these letters is as follows:

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writing a letter
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Professional format – 2 pts.  This is formatting, tenor, and spelling.  Minus 5 if you fail to sign the letter or misspell the recipient’s name.

Length – 2 pts.

Content – 6 points.  We are looking for thoughtful comments, making it clear that you understand the content and issues.  The letter should NOT be a rehashing of what the lecture was about. The recipient already knows what he or she said.  Instead, you are writing a reaction to it.  What impressed you?  What do you agree or disagree with? Why?  What questions did the lecture bring up?  How did the lecture affect you, or how might it affect your future behaviors?  Again, make it CLEAR that you understand the content and issues.  

Here is a format example (remember, 700 words!):

Medo Jack

24 Cooper Lane (your address)

Denver C. 80014

1 February 2017

Ms. Channing Howard, Wildlife Biologist

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

1594 W North Temple, Suite 2110

Salt Lake City, UT  84116

Dear Ms. *******:

[text of letter]  

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(signed) Medo Jack

 Did you miss Dr. du Toit’s lecture?  The substitute topic is the movie Sharkwater (http://www.sharkwater.com/ (Links to an external site.)).

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