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PAPER SHOULD BE ORIGINAL AND ALL CONTENT SHOULD BE CITED IN APA. ALSO MAKE SURE NO WORK IS PLAGARIZED. I WILL ATTACH A GRADING RUBRIC TO THIS ORDER, AND BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE GRADING RUBRIC. BE SURE TO ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS THAT ARE OUTLINED IN THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. PAPER SHOULD INCLUDE A TABLE OF CONTENTS, TITLE PAGE, AND REFERENCE PAGE. SCREENSHOTS CAN ALSO BE USED IN THIS WRITING IF NEEDED (BUT BE SURE TO CITE). PLEASE CREATE A WELL RESEARCHED PAPER, BECAUSE ITS MY LAST GRADE FOR THE COURSE, AND IS WORTH ALOT OF POINTS. THIS IS MY LAST GRADE AND PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS IS A EXCELLENTLY WRITTEN RESEARCH PAPER. MAKE SURE THE PAPER HAS ALL ELEMENTS OF A RESEARCH PAPER (TABLE OF CONTENTS AND ETC).INSTRUCTIONS:Please choose one enterprise communication system and design a methodology to properly conduct a digital forensic acquisition/examination. Your deliverable should include a history of the enterprise communication system, its use in the enterprise, screenshots, citations, and examples so the reader will entirely understand how to properly acquire and examine your selection. Please note that this project will be peer-reviewed by your fellow classmates during Week 8. Below is are some parameters for your deliverable:• To elaborate on history – When was this product introduced to the market? What does it do? What version are you testing? Hardware/Software requirements?• To elaborate on Forensic Acquisition – How will you capture data from your enterprise communication system? How will you prevent damage to the enterprise communication system? Live (dynamic) / Dead (static) forensics? Tools?• To elaborate on Forensic Examination – What types of data could be extracted from this device/system? How can this examination help investigators? What tools can you use to examine this device?• Minimum of 10 pages with a maximum of 15 pages excluding the title page, table of contents, and your references page.• Screenshots may and can support your writing within the body of your text but, not serve as the main item on a page. To be clear, if you use a screenshot, it must be supported by relevant content within the body of the document – no half page screenshots used to take up space :-)• Keep in mind that this paper represents a large portion of your grade. So it should be well researched and well written including supporting external references. Proper sentence structure, mechanics, and APA formatting will be enforced.You are encouraged to virtually or physically build your enterprise communication system to validate your methodology. Most enterprise communication systems have demonstration versions that you can review for this project. If your organization currently uses the enterprise communication system you’ve selected, I don’t recommend testing on a live system. If you need software, the college has some software (VMWare, Office, Exchange, Windows 8, etc) for your use for free as a student. Please visit Champlain’s Discount Software Page (Links to an external site.).Please be sure to research academic resources and industry publications to see if anyone in the past has developed a methodology for the system you’ve selected. You are not to copy someone’s prior work. If you find a proven methodology for a particular enterprise communication system please do the following:1. Develop a test plan to verify their findings2. Present your findings based on your test plan3. If needed, present a modified methodology based on your findingsYou have some latitude with respect to the deliverable format but, you’re expected to produce at least a typed report. If you want to include video, diagrams or other media to demonstrate your research please do so. If you’re submitting files that exceed the Learning Management Systems capabilities, please make arrangements with the professor to submit your files via another method.

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