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INSTRUCTIONS: PLEASE COMPLETE THE DISCUSSION BELOW ONE FULL PAGE OF CONTENT. ALL WORK NEEDS TO BE CITED IN APA, AND BE ORIGINAL. I HAVE ATTACHED REFERENCE MATERIAL TO THIS ORDER. PLEASE ANSWER EACH QUESTION ON A SEPARATE PAGE, AND PLACE REFERENCES ON A SEPARATE PAGE AS WELL. PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL WORK IS ORIGINAL. I CANT AFFORD TO HAVE MY ASSIGNMENTS FLAGGED BY MY INSTRUCTOR. ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE CITED CORRECTLY. THE LAST COMPLETED ORDERED HAD SOME CONTENT THAT WAS NOT CITED CORRECTLY. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN ON MY FUTURE ORDERS. YOU CAN SUBMIT ALL ORDERS ON ONE DOCUMENT. JUST MAKE SURE EACH QUESTION IS ANSWERED ON A SEPARATE PAGE, AND THE REFERENCES ARE ON A SEPARATE PAGE. PLEASE ANSWER ALL DISCUSSIONS IN AT LEAST ONE FULL PAGE OF CONTENTINSTRUCTIONS:Week 4: Discussion Question#1 – Keyword Searching AdviceThis week, our lesson focuses on searching: in the context of searching digital media/artifacts. There are many tools that can accomplish this task – yet, they do not all work the same, nor are the results the same. In addition, keyword searching is a very common practice in eDiscovery. For this week’s Discussion, I’d like for you to provide your perspective around the following:An attorney, who is preparing for discovery, approaches you and states that she would like for you to assist in drawing up a search protocol. She plans to share this protocol with opposing counsel so they can agree to the approach. The case is related to an allegation of the theft of intellectual property from an architect’s firm.• What advice might you provide to her to consider in preparing her search protocol?• What additional information, if any, would you need from her?• She indicates that she was told there is a difference between a “physical search” versus a “logical search.” How might you explain the differences, if any?• She indicates that she was told using the search function in Windows would not work because some of the allegedly stolen files are pictures and scanned drawings. She asks for your perspective on whether or not she should consider that approach.• She also states that she was told to consider ASCII and something called Unicode. How might you explain the differences? Does this affect the advice you might provide to her for the search protocol?• She also believes the offending party deleted many of the files in an attempt to hide their theft and is asking whether or not there is any way to determine if that occurred through the use of keyword searches?Week 5: Discussion Question#2 – Forensics versus Electronic DiscoveryThus far in our studies, we have focused on a few areas related to the discovery process (Electronic Discovery or “eDisco”). This week we focus on the digital forensics aspects. As you may have noticed, the protocol to collect and preserve digital evidence is the same whether the evidence is used to support a criminal investigation, internal matter, or civil litigation. For example, evidence must be preserved following a strict protocol such as the use of validated forensics software, techniques, and documentation such as Chain of Custody. Given what you have read and learned this far, please provide three (3) points that compare and contrast digital forensics and eDisco as they relate to processing evidence, presentation, and reporting. Consider the material in this week’s reading assignment, in your text. How are these two processes similar and how are they different? Why do you suppose they are different and why? Week 6: Discussion Question #3 – Enterprise CommunicationsPlease conduct research and present one enterprise communication system to the class. Requirements for post:1. Only one communication system can be posted, so post early. Duplicate communication systems are not allowed.2. However, there is one exception (Instructor’s discretion). For larger sessions, two students may post on the same system provided they do not post information on the same elements e.g. if writing about Skype functionality (Chat, Voice, File Transfer, Video), one student can choose from two of those elements and the second student has to choose others. The Instructor will indicate whether or not the exception exists during the Weekly Announcement.3. If the exception is granted, it is incumbent on the students to communicate with each other which elements they have chosen to research and post. You can use this form to communicate with the other student writing about the same topic.4. Research and present how the communication system is used by the enterprise5. Why would civil litigation identify this communication system as potential evidence? What could be extracted and considered relevant at trial?Week 7: Discussion Question# 4 – Investigation FailuresThere have been many “failures” in civil and criminal investigations. Some of them involve the processing of digital information. For this discussion, please share a summary of a digital investigation failure. You can use a personal experience or publicly available story (from your readings). The framework from your post should include a summary of the event, the failure and remediated steps that could have been/was employed to correct the issue.

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