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Congratulations! You have just been named to a brand new position at your workplace: Director of Employee Mentoring and Success. Naturally, you will still have to fulfill all of your other job responsibilities, but now you will have the additional responsibilities of this new position as well. Unfortunately, you will not receive any additional pay for the extra work. The president of the company hand-selected you to lead this important new initiative, however, so you can’t possibly turn down the invitation.The primary objective of this new position is to teach new and existing employees how to be successful at your particular workplace.* So, your first order of business as Director of Employee Mentoring and Success is to write a 6-page guide that will be distributed to all employees and posted on your website. The guide should help new and struggling employees to understand the company culture and expectations so that they will succeed. As you begin to brainstorm ideas for content, consider the following: What kind of attitude should they have? How should they develop that attitude? What types of skills do they need to be successful? How should they approach their work load? Their co-workers? Their bosses? What types of thinking will prove most beneficial to them at your company? (These are just a few examples; you can think of many more possible questions to consider.) Makes sure that you clearly indicate the name of the company at the beginning of your paper.You should use quotations, support, advice, etc. from all three of the sources we’re using this semester (John Wooden’s On Leadership, James Kelley’s Crucible’s Gift, and Jim Collins’ Great By Choice); you may also use any other external sources that you think would add value and credibility to the guide. Remember to document and cite your sources according to MLA8 format conventions. You may divide your guide into sections with headings and/ or subheadings if you want to. If you do this, however, you must be certain that each section is fully developed/ discussed/ explained.*If you are not currently employed, please use any previous job or internship you’ve held as the basis for your discussion. If you have never held a job or internship, you may fabricate the company and culture for the purpose of this assignment.Remember the following guidelines for good business writing:• Think of a creative title for your Guide.• Remember that good writing is specific, detailed, clear, coherent, focused, and thoroughly developed/ supported/ explained. • Introduce/ set up/ offer appropriate context for all quotations.• Use correct MLA8 documentation and citation formatting. • Use correct sentence and paragraph structure as well as good grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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