Write final Exam 5 to 6 pages

Question: Reflect on the discussion questions, class discussions, Configuring and Supporting Windows 8.1

Topics covered during semester below

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Write final Exam 5 to 6 pages
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Introduction to Windows 8

Including key points of keyboard shortcuts

-windows tools menu

-using the setting bars

-existing configuration settings etc….

Overview of installing windows 8 And it’s process

Brief about configure devices and device drivers

-Installation of drivers

-update drivers

-disable drivers

How to install and configure desktop applications on windows 8

Brief How to configure Internet explorer

Brief on How to configure client Hyper-V

Brief on configuring network settings

Brief on how to configure local security settings

How to configure remote connections including VPN

How to configure security for mobile devices

some discussions post include below questions :

1)Using data storage technology and issues with data storage to be handled by a company or organization

2)Microsoft routinely issues patches, service packs, and drivers to Microsoft software products in the form of Microsoft and Windows Updates.

Discuss these updates and why they are important to the end user.


APA FORMAT (heading, pagenumbers, page margin, header footer , cover page etccc….)

Introduction paragraph MANDATORY

Abstract paragraph MANDATORY

main body 5 to 6 pages MANDATORY

Conclusion MANDATORY


NO PLAGIARISM its a FINAL submission of the semester 80% grade is counted on the basis of this

Note for you : i have given you all my past assignments of this subject that included SCENARIOS each week .. PLEASE include some scenarios as topics in the paper

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