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The main purpose is to find a significant relationship between codability and recognition of performance stemmed entirely from the use of uncommon odorants. It showed how ‘‘odor recognition’’ differs among diverse age groups through various experiments conducted. It provides the importance of memory performance along with encoding name to odors for the appropriate acknowledgment of odors. The study brings out the importance of the various levels related to processing which is an important feature in ‘odor recognition’. In the ‘level of processing theory’ deep or semantic processing involves an imperative part in the recognition of odors. Therefore, the ultimate purpose of the research study is to recognise odor correctly and the competence to distinguish its previous occurrence in the past.

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write an article on understanding research articles
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The three research studies that confirmed the conclusion that odor and verbal relationship engages a minor role in recognition memory are as follows. Firstly, according to Schemper, Voss &amp. Cain, (1981), it has been found that the person’s competence to encode names to odors is increasingly extraordinary under few definite conditions. Various experiments for identifying odor indicated that encoding of names rely mainly on previous experiences with the stimuli.

Secondly, according to Lawless &amp. Engen, (1977), developing new odor-verbal associations’ process is considered to be quite slow which makes it futile to study the relation subsisting amid verbal form of encoding and memory performance for uncommon odors.

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