write an article on HSBC Pink Ladies Campaign

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on HSBC Pink Ladies Campaign. It needs to be at least 2000 words. In December 2014 HSBC has rolled out a TV advertisement on Christmas Day (Spary, 2014). The campaign is launched at Christmas and thus creates an atmosphere of dreams’ fulfillment. The advertisement with a creative name “Pink Ladies” tells the story of the supporting network of pink ladies who help young, ambitious and goal-oriented (Spary, 2014). The story is centered on a young hairdresser who dreams about the further study of fashion designer, but who does not have enough funds for implementing this dream to reality (Spary, 2014). A group of women with pink hair pay for a study of this woman and thus help the dreams of a young lady to come true. Thus, HSBC advertises its Advance bank account.

The primary objective of the “Pink Ladies campaign” was to support the relaunch of HSBC’s Advance bank account (Spary, 2014). By this campaign, HSBC aimed to increase awareness about its bank products among young ambitious consumers. In addition to increased brand/product awareness the objectives of the campaign could be formulated in the following way: to spread the message across its target audience, to build trust in the bank, and to foster the decision to become a client of an HSBC.

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write an article on HSBC Pink Ladies Campaign
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Identification of the target audience is one of the initial activities before the development of any marketing or advertising activity. Based on the information presented in the “Pink Ladies” campaign it is possible to identify the audience that the company is aiming to reach.

First of all, the campaign targets young people, who are ambitious and goal-oriented, and who seek for career/professional or personal development. This category of people needs some support and funding in order to achieve their goals. More likely that this category also included young adults with entrepreneurial skills who want to start their own business but do not have sufficient funds for it. The campaign also appeals to the parents of young adults who seek for higher education opportunities.

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