Write a 9 pages paper on in your interest to believe that god exists.

Write a 9 pages paper on in your interest to believe that god exists. Many individuals have given the matter a great deal of thought, offering up their reasons and rationals why it is in the best interests of the individual to believe in the existence of God. As society grew more advanced in technology and science and more of the true nature of the world came to light, these arguments began requiring a stronger basis in reason and fact to keep up with the times. Because of the lack of hard facts or empirical evidence, these discussions have necessarily taken place primarily within the realm of the philosophical and theological. It is no surprise that many of the individuals who have participated in these discussions were scientists within other areas as well. One of these individuals was Blaise Pascal, a mathematician, physicist, and inventor as well as a philosopher working in the mid-1600s. Coming to the subject from the perspective of a member of the Catholic church, Pascal nevertheless worked to base his argument for a belief in the existence of God on a skeptic’s logic. In the centuries since, numerous philosophers have engaged with Pascal’s text, exploring its logic and questioning its reasoning. Some of these writers have come to agree with Pascal’s reasoning, some frankly admit to being able to see both sides of his argument and still others seem to feel as if Pascal’s reasoning is either no longer valid in modern times or was never truly valid, to begin with. By identifying Pascal’s argument and then engaging with some of these critical texts, one can begin to formulate a personal opinion regarding whether it is truly in one’s best interest to believe in the existence of God.

Pascal’s argument is presented in a single paragraph in his book Pensees. Geoffrey Brown offers up a straightforward outline of the argument structure. He starts out with two premises: 1) Either God exists or He doesn’t exist.

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Write a 9 pages paper on in your interest to believe that god exists.
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