Write a 8 pages paper on the concept of children and war.

Write a 8 pages paper on the concept of children and war. The role of boy soldiers that are in a specific war is able to change the strategies used for fighting and alter the resources of each given side to imply new complexities within the war. This can be seen in the war of Vietnam, where boy soldiers fought against America to offer more resources to the opposing side.

In A Long Way Gone, there are descriptions that show how the complexities of war and of being a child and soldier intertwine. The narrator, Ishmael, builds this image up first by showing how daily life in Sierra Leone allowed him to stay a boy and to enjoy life. The connection which is made with the character instantly allows the reader to understand daily life as well as the family structure and enjoyment which is associated with each area. However, there is an introduction to the possibilities of war and the small ways in which it began to create awareness in Ishmael’s life which shows the contrasting understanding of boyhood and the terrors of war. The effects begin by seeing refugees and the complexities and death that come from a battle which is fought by his village.

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Write a 8 pages paper on the concept of children and war.
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“The two boys eventually begin to question the refugees from their village, and amidst the cries of women and children, an old woman tells them too much blood has been spilled where they are going and that even good spirits have fled the place” (Jong, 4).

The shock of the refugees and what has occurred then leads to an introduction of the boys becoming a part of the war. The theme which is carried out by Ishmael is to show the brutality of the war as well as how it affects the children that become a part of it. As the details are recounted about the war, there are indications that show how those who were using children as soldiers didn’t understand the impact and didn’t care about the outcome and the effects that it carried. The mentality of soldiers that allowed the children to fight was to use them as resources, specifically so they could win the war against others, despite the bloodshed that was involved.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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