Write a 8 pages paper on strategic management

Write a 8 pages paper on strategic management. The idea involves detailed analysis as well as analytical actions in order to facilitate the organisations to attain their expected business objectives. In strategic management, the analysis of internal as well as external factors of an organisation is considered to be the primary factors (Amason, 2010). Once the internal as well as external factors are determined, then the management of an organisation has to make strong decisions on proper implementation of those factors for sustainable growth of the business (Gregory & et. al., 2005). McDonald’s has been proudly serving to deliver its different products to the customers since the year 1955. Today, McDonald’s is regarded as one of the world’s best fast food retail chain (McDonald’s, 2012). In recent times, the company established its restaurants in around 100 nations. Consequently, it generates huge amount of revenue by performing in the international market with increased expansion of restaurants. It has been observed that McDonald’s is operating 33,510 restaurants throughout the world till the end of the year 2011 (McDonald’s Corporation, 2011). The company has been committed to provide the best services to its customers. McDonald’s execute certain significant policies as well as relevant strategies that enable it to expand the size of the business at large (McDonald’s, 2012). The vision statement of the company is to become the world’s top fast food retail chain as well as the best service provider in the similar industry (Scribd Inc., 2012). McDonald’s has proved itself as an integral part of the communities through its social involvement such as organising youth sports, inspiring the society by organising events as well as conducting local charities (McDonald’s, 2012). Moreover, its effective as well as powerful distribution channel enables it to serve quality product to its customers (McDonald’s, 2009). In this paper, McDonald’s resources as well as capabilities and its assessment based on the theory of strategic management will be taken into concern. Moreover, the competitive advantage aligning with the company’s core resources and competencies will also be portrayed in the paper. Resources and Capabilities of McDonald’s Organisational resources as well as capabilities are often viewed to be the main factors that are responsible for assisting the organisations to raise their competitive advantages. The core resources of an organisation can be identified as tangible as well as intangible resources. These resources are the major components that develop the organisational strategies. In this similar context, tangible resources represent financial assets, technological means as well as organisational infrastructure. On the other hand, intangible resources signify the aspects relating to human resource, innovation as well as goodwill (Fogleman, n.d.). McDonald’s serves significant portion of customers on regular basis through its several high demand products. The different products of the company are served to near about 119 countries throughout the globe by engaging substantial number of employees. It has been viewed that the company has been preparing effective business strategies for expanding its business in certain parts of South-Asian region.

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Write a 8 pages paper on strategic management
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