Write a 6 pages paper on roy lichtenstein: stepping out.

Write a 6 pages paper on roy lichtenstein: stepping out. In the case of both artists, it seems that there was a subtle sociological critique of the vapidity of culture or even the capitalist apparatus. Lichtenstein created a wide array of work and much of it has gained positions of prominence among art theorists. One such work is Lichtenstein’s ‘Stepping Out’ (currently housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art). While the work is slightly obscure in meaning, this essay argues that objective meaning can be gleaned from a thorough analysis. Specifically, this essay argues that Lichtenstein created this artwork to project society stereotypes on women. It follows that this research considers meaning in Lichtenstein’s ‘Stepping Out,’ as well as a variety of elements that contribute to a contextual understanding of the work.

Lichtenstein created the work in 1978 in New York City. This work implements Lichtenstein’s traditional comic book style while adopting a slight cubist aesthetic. It is created with oil and Magna on canvas and measures 86 x 70 in. Lila Acheson Wallace purchased the work in 1980. The work then passed through a series of accessions before finally becoming situated at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Write a 6 pages paper on roy lichtenstein: stepping out.
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‘Stepping Out’ implements Lichtenstein’s traditional comic book imagery. The painting, Fig. 1 in the appendix, features two individuals. Seemingly these individuals are a woman and a man, however, Lichtenstein uses cubist like forms to obscure easy and clear distinctions. The male figure seems to be identifiable through traditional social conventions of dress. he is wearing a hat, has short-trimmed hair, as well as a suit and tie. Conversely, the woman does not take on complete form. instead, her face is depicted not in the traditional form of the human head, but as a canvas. She only has one eye, which is slanted vertically. She has long blonde hair, red lips, and a yellow dress that seems to further situate her with feminine identification. The division between the man and woman is blurred such that they seem to dissolve into each other. this perspective on singularity is further witnessed through Lichtenstein’s slight use of pointillism on the right side and left side of the woman and man’s faces, respectively. Finally, the background of the work is divided into strong black and white, the white is on the woman’s side and the black is on the man’s side.

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