Write a 6 pages paper on relationship between stress, coping and depression

Write a 6 pages paper on relationship between stress, coping and depression. In this regard, some studies have found it necessary to examine variables that have a considerable effect on the nature of stressful occurrences. Coping as one of these variables has received an attention regarding its role of mediating stressful events and their impacts on both psychological and physical well-being. Coping assessment In the past decades, it has been argued that coping concept has piloted the development of various coping measures. However, there has not been a dimension measure of coping behavior. The two coping approaches are the active vs. passive coping. Active coping emphasizes coping as having management of the problem and regulation of emotion (Blalock & Joiner, 2000). Passive coping classifies coping in terms of people’s orientation to the problem and the type of action taken to counter the stressor (Blalock & Joiner, 2000). In order first to indentify application of coping in depressed and stressed persons, it is necessary to identify the origin of these two. Stress and depression are mood disorders, which vary from one individual to another. It is believed that the origin of these disorders involves differences in temperament. However, temperament is a more general characteristic but functions in various ways. It increases chances of developing a disorder. However, temperament acts as a mediator between stress and coping efforts. Depressive disorders pose significant mental health problems. Studies have indicated that women are significantly prone to depressive disorders than men (Coyne & Aldwin, 1981). However, depression is also associated with other disorders, with over 50% of depression disorders having cases of anxiety disorders and other internalizing disorders. For depressed persons to develop coping strategies, a number of factors determine their ability to cope with depressing situations. For example, the ways depressed persons interact with their environments greatly determine the type of coping strategy to use or develop (Coyne & Aldwin, 1981). A study conducted by Weissman and Pykel (1974) found out that distressed women were found to be more distressed about their various social roles than they were essentially impaired. Nevertheless they tended to be moderately impaired under the capacities of wives and mothers. According to the study, poor communication and hostility characterized their coping strategies. Interaction with the environment enables individuals to develop resource for managing distressing situations (Coyne & Aldwin, 1981). In fact, the degree to which individual encounters psychological and other distressing situations is determined by the problem at hand and the availability of coping resources at the time of experiencing these distresses. Coping in this case refers to the ability to manage internal and external conflicts affecting an individual that surpasses that person’s capability (Blalock & Joiner, 2000). Problem-focused coping is one of the coping strategies, which involves efforts to counter the source of stress, either by changing coping behavior or by changing environmental situation. Emotional-focused coping forms another coping strategy which involves and aims at reducing emotional distress (Blalock & Joiner, 2000). However, some distressing situations call for application of both coping functions.

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Write a 6 pages paper on relationship between stress, coping and depression
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