Write a 6 pages paper on gmo.

Write a 6 pages paper on gmo. The above processes require a combination of many processes, preservatives, and dyes so as to render the genetically modified foods safe for human consumption and be generally acceptable. Health problems can arise from the food additives used or due to the genetic alteration of the modified foods. Health problems such as allergies, attention deficient hyperactivity disorder, cancer, diabetes, renal failure, and even Alzheimer’s disease (Smith, 2014). Studies show that the above diseases which have been traced back to engineered foods are due to changes in normal metabolism of food.

Food allergies is one of the mst prevalent health isues associated with engineered food. Food allergies can be defined as an immune response to some foreign constituents. Genetically modified foods are fortified with various proteins that may evoke an allergic response (Smith, 2014). That is, many engineered foods are processed by addition of genes (proteins) which do not occur naturally in plants. Examples of these synthetic foods that cause allergies include soya beans and corn. Such proteins can evoke an immune response in the body. Clinical signs and symptoms that are observed in food allergies include.

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Write a 6 pages paper on gmo.
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However, allergies are not known to be fatal. Thus, prolonged exposure to such irritants will increase the occurrence of allergies, but they do not pose a major health issue. On the social side, allergies affect the quality of life of people and can pose a financial constraint on the victims.

ADHD is a brain developmental problem and is commonly exhibited by children in their early teen and even earlier. Such children have a problem focusing and they exhibit behavioural disorders. ADHD is characterized by three main symptoms. These include hyperactivity, being impulsive, and inability to pay attention.

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