Write a 5 pages paper on hawthorne studies.

Write a 5 pages paper on hawthorne studies. In tune with such scientific studies, management practices within companies are studied routinely in order to help gain an understanding of the effects of the environment on workers. For instance, studying the different levels of the intensity of light or the amount of ventilations has helped determine the optimum levels required to obtain the maximum productivity. In course of such study, users have tried to vary the environment in different compositions, adjusted the time of exposure to a particular setting and also varied the number of working hours per day (Andrzej Huczynski, 2007).

The Hawthorne studies are used to describe a series of studies undertaken by the Western Electric Company in one of their factories at Hawthorne during the 1920s, which aimed at studying the effects of lighting on workers. Two important findings emerged out of the studies which are popularly referred to as the effect of the experimenter and the Social effect. In the case of the former effect, it was found that making changes to the original working environment was perceived by workers as an indication that the management really cared for their welfare, thereby acting as a stimulant towards enhanced confidence, morale and subsequent productivity levels (Eugene Cass, 2005). The Social effect is used to define the perception of being separated from the bulk of the workers and being provided a luxury or special treatment. Further, the period of experimentation was found to have induced a stronger bonding among workers thereby contributing to more productivity. The Hawthorne studies extended to a second phase, known as the Bank Wiring room, which was meant for the purpose of evaluating the extent of these social effects.

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Write a 5 pages paper on hawthorne studies.
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