Write a 2 pages paper on word of mouth in marketing.

Write a 2 pages paper on word of mouth in marketing. For instance, in marketing movies, word-of-mouth feedback can make or break the movie, that is why producers take particular care of screen-testing the movie for any possible tweaks they could do render in reference to initial feedback generated. This ensures that once the movie is released to the general public there is a much bigger chance for positive word-of-mouth amongst viewers. It is powerful, influential, and best of all it is something that not even the best-funded PR machine could buy. It levels the playing field for the lower-budgeted films and gives them a chance against the big-studio blockbusters which abound.

Of course, there are certain circumstances where other types of communication are more effective than word-of-mouth communication. While it is probably the most influential type of communication, it is not all-encompassing. For instance, it is highly unlikely that the typical consumer would rely on word-of-mouth for very big purchases such as cars and houses. While word-of-mouth may be a factor, the sheer enormity of the product’s cost would necessitate that the consumer would check out the product himself and view a formal sales presentation to give them a better idea of the intricacies of the product. No one will go out and buy a car just because their friend or officemate said it was “great”. Not with that type of money involved.

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Write a 2 pages paper on word of mouth in marketing.
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Another situation where word-of-mouth does not hold is for highly technical products such as new, groundbreaking medicines. Consumers would need a personal presentation from a medical representative or browse through detailed, well-placed advertising in order to reach a well-informed decision. They would not be risking their health on unfamiliar medicines just because their friend thought it was great. This carries significant ramifications that even the magic of word-of-mouth cannot skirt past.

Lastly, word-of-mouth may help but is not the only relevant tool in launching a political campaign for a general election. Given the broad base that needs to be reached and the national implications of such an event, word-of-mouth is often relegated to the sidelines as candidates pour millions of dollars in advertising and in hiring state organizations to make personal campaigns on their behalf. Before casting one’s precious vote, naturally, they would want to see a candidate’s stand for themselves in a more detailed manner other than their buddy saying “He’s great, vote for him”. To rely completely on word-of-mouth on such a pertinent socio-political issue would be a terribly unwise and ill-informed decision. This all the more underscores the fact that while word-of-mouth is a powerful juggernaut, it does not cover all bases and there are numerous situations where different types of communication should be utilized for maximum effectiveness.

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