Write a 2 pages paper on careers learning and development in katz, sapper and miller company.


Actually, there are several factors that have made Katz, Sapper & Miller, the largest Indiana based CPA and consulting firm in the state, to be such a great company. First, it is the impact of Irwin Katz, the company’s modern day founder, have on building the business. Inherently, Katz laid out workplace principles during the early stages of the company (Maurer 4). This included loyalty, relationships and respect among the stakeholders that has built the firm. Secondly, the firm’s mission statement, along with values has played a key role in determining the core accounting business practices. The core values include lifetime relations, integrity, responsiveness, quality, employee success, and entrepreneurship. Through the company’s business strategy that “Don’t just have clients. have partners for life” it is clear that the company works towards establishing a long life relationship with its partners.

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Write a 2 pages paper on careers learning and development in katz, sapper and miller company.
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Inherently, Katz, Sapper & Miller offers a full range of tax compliance together with planning services which mainly targets private and public companies, individuals, non-profit organizations and estates. Moreover, the company also is involved in evaluating business along with control risks for its clients. This includes audits and review of financial statements, compliance audit. Similarly, Katz, Sapper & Miller assist its client in target identification and post-deal integration which includes advisory accounting and reporting, valuations, transfer pricing and due diligence (Maurer 8). Katz, Sapper & Miller is not only known for its technical competence along with good depth of knowledge that provides an extra edge that makes their clients more successful, but also its professionalism and community service.


In order to ensure strict employee compliance to federal and state regulation and the company’s high ethical standards, KSM accountants attend professional educational classes. Actually, the employees attend the professional classes throughout the year (Maurer 6). One of the ways David Resnick has employed in order to resolve differences of opinion that surface between clients and company consultants is through numerous advices to the clients.


Mainly, KSM considers the abilities and passion of new college recruits before taking them. Mostly the new recruits are first taken through an internship program before confirmed as new employees. Moreover, the academic qualifications include 3.40 overall GPA and undergraduate or masters in accounting (Katz Sapper & Miller 4). Such candidates should possess written and oral communication skills, together with desire to pursue public accounting career. Evidently, internship programs have a crucial role in attracting talent. Specifically, the interns have hands-on experience which that focuses on mentorship helps in identifying and attracting talented employees. Evidently, KSM supports its employees’ efforts in advancing their careers and furthering their leadership skills through learning and development program. Actually, the company have developed a learning curriculum that assists the employee development.


Generally, one of the employee work characteristics that is most highly valued by the KSM clients is possession of strong ethics. Such employees will respect confidentiality, as well as conduct themselves in a professionally manner as they represent their company (Katz Sapper & Miller 5). According to Cathy Langham and Jeff Smulyan, the fact that Katz, Sapper & Miller is involved in community outreach programs places it well above its competitors. Moreover the company is known for its high ethical standards among its employees. Some of the keys to future growth of Katz, Sapper & Miller include streamlining the IT solutions, as well as considering multiple vendor approaches with excellent breed technologies.

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