Write a 12 pages paper on media influences on body image in adolescent girls.

Write a 12 pages paper on media influences on body image in adolescent girls. The youngsters are at an age where they are unable to decide what is good for them and what is not. There is this element of guidance and facilitation by the people who are older than them, which must always be understood. Everyone wants to look good but then again there are some parameters upon which adolescents must base their thinking beliefs. They should endeavor to look ‘different’ but they must not be allowed to exhibit behaviors which would haunt their coming years. They must make the decisions with the consent of their elders so that there are no ambiguities which might arise at a given point within their futures. The role of media is indeed essential within the related scheme of things. Media is the touchpoint where the adolescents learn from and thus keep in touch with the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of their times through the different vehicles of the media itself. The manner in which media can be controlled is to this day, debatable, but then again the responsibility that the parents hold in making their young ones understand the difference between the good and the bad is also a significant one. Research into these avenues will eventually prove to be successful, more so when proper time and effort would be incorporated within the same. This paper, in essence, looks to highlight the way the adolescent girls cope up with the media distractions which come their way and the changes that take place within their bodies on a consistent basis. An attempt has been made to discern the exact ways through which they pamper (and distort) their bodies and thus put their lives at risk.

It is a fact that adolescence is hard for everyone and not just young girls. But things can seem worse if one is not blessed with certain features. Having a chest as flat as a board, a nose like Pinocchio’s, or ears that would give Dumbo the elephant a good chuckle can really send a blow to self-esteem.&nbsp.

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Write a 12 pages paper on media influences on body image in adolescent girls.
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