Write a 1 page paper on severe malaria

Write a 1 page paper on severe malaria. A. Interventions may include using proper dosage for treatment of malaria and also using drugs in which malaria will not easily develop resistance against.

B. Use of treated mosquito nets and vector control strategies targeted at the environment and indoor residual spraying with DDT have proved very successful in preventing mosquito bites. Use of protective clothing and larval control are very effective. Use of prophylaxis such as quinine, doxycycline, mefloquine, and atovaquone has proved positive as secondary intervention measures (Bartoloni A, 2012). In terms of tertiary prevention, patients who treat the disease early prompt diagnosis and reduced complications have shown over 90% full recovery.

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Write a 1 page paper on severe malaria
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C. There are opportunities to change the prevalence of malaria. There is a need to continuously alter the use of chemoprophylaxis due to the ability of mosquitoes to develop genes which are resistant to drugs if given for a long time. Moreover, there is a need to improve screening services as an intervention measure. Provision of knowledge and education to communities most affected is necessary as a way of fighting malaria

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