Write a 1 page paper on servant leadership skill.

Write a 1 page paper on servant leadership skill. Colleen spent most of her time attending to employee issues. a servant to her own employees. From the Colleen Barrett speech, one learns that as a leader a manager should look after his or her employees. The employees’ needs and problems are also the leader’s concern. A leader should be patient and understanding towards the employees. As a leader, the best way to implement servant leadership is through empathy. The manager should learn to understand what the employee goes through and provide them with support both physically and psychologically.

Dr. Clayton Christensen gave three questions, which a student should ask himself or herself while planning to start a career. First, how can a student be sure he or she will be happy with the chosen career? Second, how can one know that his or her relationship with both the spouse and family become an enduring source of joy? Finally, how can a person be sure he or she will stay out of prison? Dr. Clayton Christensen’s personal questions enable one to evaluate him or herself based on career choice, relationships, and moral values. Based on careers self-evaluation, the advice ensures the identification of the best career, which is also satisfactory. His recommendations also assist in analyzing and knowing how to deal with human relationships, especially between spouses and family. The last advice rules assists in straightening moral values. An individual can implement the following recommendations by choosing a suitable career, maintaining proper relationships and having agreeable values.

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Write a 1 page paper on servant leadership skill.
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Microsoft Excel is one of the many Microsoft packages that assist in data input and presentation. As a beginner, the video tutorials assist in learning more about the program. The tutorial trains users on how the format works and how to enter data into the spreadsheet. Secondly, the tutorial informs the user on how to easily add more rows and columns to a table without worrying about updating formula references and filter settings. Finally, the tutorial shows how to total the tables without writing one formula. The last lesson shows the ability to summarize data with pivot tables and extending it to excel tables.

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