Write a 1 page paper on module 7. Role playing Malhotra p. 398,

Write a 1 page paper on module 7. Role playing Malhotra p. 398, Activities 2 As a marketing research manager of a local bank asked to assess the demand potential of a certain area it is essential to keep in mind that when a marketing problem or opportunity arises, it is imperative that a researcher begin by conducting a secondary research. The sources of this secondary research are primarily categorized as either internal or external. Internal secondary data mainly comprises of sources such as sales invoices, customer complaints, customer feedback etc. External secondary data can be gathered from libraries, the internet, books and government records, media, trade associations, universities, banks etc. Both these can be utilized to effectively achieve the objective at hand. 2. Being a group product manager at Proctor & Gamble there are several ways in which the information available from the store audit can be effectively utilized to increase overall laundry detergent sales and increase overall productivity. As a group product manager it is my responsibility to keep in mind that whether the goal is to shrink or comply with regulatory requirements a thorough store level audit process is significant to protect and authenticate company assets and facilitate the reporting process. Furthermore it also provides the administration with real time information that plays a big role when it comes to concentrating on identifying and resolving issues. The value of store audit information is reflected in the core advantages that result from the use of audit technology that enhance major aspects of a business. These being, enhanced audit productivity, improved operational effectiveness and superior reporting capabilities.

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Write a 1 page paper on module 7. Role playing Malhotra p. 398,
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