Write 9 pages with APA style on Reflection on Technology in Education.

Write 9 pages with APA style on Reflection on Technology in Education. But what if the facilitator of the class does not have the ability and skills of using these technological equipments Of course there will be a problem and it may affect the teaching sessions as it goes on.

The knowledge and skills of the educator regarding the subject matter is much appreciated but most probably if he is going to use equipments in teaching, assurance that he can facilitate everything that happens inside the classroom. Skills upon using such tools are very important. There will be a big failure in teaching without the knowledge of using it.

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Write 9 pages with APA style on Reflection on Technology in Education.
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Schools of Education for Teachers include in their curriculums the disciplines that serve as the training ground so that their would-be-teachers will have a stand on their own in the future as they use these tools for teaching. There is the Educational Technology which is 3 units, where soon to be teachers are taught of how to use these equipments and also the proper ways of using them practically and of course on the main event of teaching. They undergo trainings and evaluation if they follow the instructions and can well manage their selves alone.

There are so many product of the new technology that has been improvised for learning purposes, and also it awakens the student’s attention because of this visual material shown for example in the PowerPoint presentation through the use of computer or by the picture projected on the over head projector on screen. Some schools are providing their students their own computer to be use when inside the classroom. Universities provides their own internet access centers for their pupils to have an instant access on the web for educational explorations only and some internet libraries.

The modern technology is very significant, especially in terms of providing current information and serves as the medium for communication. It is therefore necessary to integrate information and communication technology into general school education as a whole in order to ensure an all round education of up-to-date standard, especially in grade 3 and 4 for 13 to 14 year old pupils. The basic aspects of information and communication technology must be incorporated in all areas of 3rd and 4th grade curriculum (Stockhammer, 1992).

The strength of technology is often quick implemented into solutions. The author feels that there should not be unscrupulous use of technology. The quality of use of the computer tools is decided by which aspects are emphasized, and what pedagogical relevance they have. Sensible use of technology for tasks related to grade level and computer need to be used as tool to enhance a particular subject. Multi-disciplinary possibility of technology application includes writing, documenting, calculating, constructing and visualizing work. The pedagogical principle of learning can be followed by the practical use of hardware and software in schools, which will help create a favorable climate for reflections on one’s practical experiences and relating it to theoretical foundations thereof (Stockhammer, 1992).

The digital generation gap have the teacher struggle with the basics, while kids growing up in a tech savvy world can learn application with ease. This digital generation gap calls for on the job training of teachers in technology.

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