Write 9 pages thesis on the topic vignette analysis.

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic vignette analysis. Two erroneous defenses include “the victim asked for it” and “the victim deserved it” (Murray, 2008, p.40). The concept prods the clinician to help the spouse drop their unwarranted defenses. The clinician encourages both spouses to accept the other person’s uniqueness. Jack should learn not to impose one’s culture on the Asian girl. Jill must accept Jack’s drinking and Spanish culture. Transference Concept. Transference is the patients’ displacement acts or avoidance of acts that is aimed at delaying or stopping the psychoanalyst from reducing the time needed to cure the patients. Freud reiterated to transference as the transfer of feelings originally experienced by the patient in earlier relationships that affect the patients’ current behavior (Corsini &amp. Wedding, 2010). The patient may impose strong or soft transference on the clinician. Consequently, transference includes both positive and negative interpretations (Berg, 2004, p 44). The concept prods clinicians to eliminate transference. The clinician must explain to both spouses that the clinician is a mediator, not the target. The concept states that both parties must resolve their issues among themselves. The clinician encourages the spouses to eliminate the clinic visits and fix their differences among themselves. Counter transference Concept. In terms of counter transference, the psychoanalyst creates an obstacle to the free flow of information from the patients’ unconscious mind to the surface (Corsini &amp. Wedding, 2010). The clinicians emotional reply to the patients’ stimuli. Freud recommended the psychoanalyst must exercise neutrality during the entire clinical treatment of patients.

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Write 9 pages thesis on the topic vignette analysis.
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