Write 8 pages with APA style on Waste Elimination

Write 8 pages with APA style on Waste Elimination. The system uses a two-way approach focusing and driving both customers, internal as well as external. The basic purpose of Lean Manufacturing is to eliminate waste at all levels of production including the product design, factory management, supplier networks and customer relations. Its basic aim is to reduce the overall human effort, reduce the inventory storage, taking less production time and less space to become responsive to customer demands while also producing high quality products in the most economic and efficient manner. In this context waste is defined as anything that customer is not willing to pay for (Ramnath, et al., 2010). In the current environment, no company in production or engineering can achieve success without the incorporating the lean production methods in their systems. The Lean production methods or the TPS system given by TaiichiOhno serves as a strong base for competitive, successful and modern flow of materials. (Berlec & Starbek, 2009) In the manufacturing process any activity that doesn’t add value to the product is considered to be waste. Hence it is important for the company to identify the waste in the processes and to find out ways that can be used to eliminate these wastes in order to achieve success and to remain competitive. The seven types of wastes include(Hutchins, n.d.): 1. Overproduction – Producing more than the customer requires 2. Waiting – Excessive machine time/downtime, or waiting for upstream information/advice 3. Transport – transportation of goods over long distances 4. Over processing – producing more than what is required by the customer 5. Inventory – Parts or stock which are not currently being worked on and are stored 6. Motion – the search for tools and other accessories 7. Defects – working out the defects In addition to these other categories have also been added to this which includes: Raw material and energy Damage to the environment Background Honda motor company was established in 1948 by Soichiro Honda with its core emphasis on competing in the Japanese motorcycle industry. However in the year 1962, Honda manufactured its first car and by the year 1995 the Honda group was manufacturing, selling, and repairing motorcycles and cars as well as other power products. Honda was the first Japanese company to establish its operations in US. Its first plant for producing motorcycles was in America, outside Marysville, Ohio in 1979. The company expanded its Marysville facility so as to gain localization which included: Production, products, profit and management. (Maxwell, et al., 1998) Environmental Policy and Management In the early 1990’s political pressure was built up concerning the environmental issue therefore to address these Honda strengthen its commitment to environment and its protection by adopting a Global Environmental Declaration and also by addressing the environmental issues on a global level. The Global Environmental Declaration dictated how each Honda company should strive to evaluate the impact of their activities to the environment, and to design the products in such a way that can reduce the impact of use and disposal, can help in recycling and conservation of energy and resources and to promote awareness in the employees and society.

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Write 8 pages with APA style on Waste Elimination
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