Write 8 pages with APA style on Computers and Computer Networks

Write 8 pages with APA style on Computers and Computer Networks. Parameters for this layer are the destination addresses. The Network Layer is associated with routing and directing data to different networks. Likewise, Local area networks, Wide area networks and Metropolitan Area Networks. The Transport layer is associated with check and balance of data packets. It ensures complete delivery of data in terms of files or messages. The Session Layer is associated with maintaining data sessions between different nodes on the network. It also analyzes and prevents collisions between data channels by prioritizing them. The Presentation Layer is associated with presenting the data by converting protocols from data conversion techniques, encryption techniques, binary conversion techniques etc. The Application layer is associated with software including email software, client / server software, FTP software, and much more. Network Components Functionality A simple definition of regenerative repeater is available in network dictionary which states it as “a device which regenerates incoming digital signals and then retransmit these signals on an outgoing circuit” The regenerative repeaters are the network devices, installed within the network to regenerate signals that may become weak or unreachable to the destination, due to long distance. These devices are implemented in long distance wired networks for transferring data geographically from one network to the other. As signals, are evolved via network cables, they become weak and attenuated over a certain distance within the same network, resulting in unreachable signals to the destination. This is where regenerative repeaters are useful as they regenerate signals received on their ports and sends the regenerated signals to all the other ports connected on the other end. Moreover, regenerative repeaters do not maintain a database as compare to Ethernet switches and operates on Physical Layer of the OSI model. Furthermore, regenerative repeaters are not compatible for regenerating signals via two different networks. For instance, the regeneration of signals between a token ring network and Ethernet network is not supported. For example, there are two network locations, where the distance between the two is above 100 meters, repeaters are required to synchronize uninterruptible transmission of data from one network to the other. Otherwise, the attenuation may disturb the digital signals and may not reach the distance, which is above 100 meters. A simplest of definition for a network device known as bridge is as follows “Local Bridge is a bridge that directly interconnects networks in the same geographical area” (Local Bridge. 2007). Bridge has capabilities to develop network segments. The segments are developed to eliminate unnecessary broadcasting from some workstations or a department on the network. Consequently, the performance of the network will be efficient as bridges can segregate workstation from the network. As these devices operate on data link layer of the OSI model, it is implemented to amplify distance between network segments, allowing room for more workstations, to be attached within the same network. Moreover, the segregation of affected workstations from the network, eliminates network congestions and traffic choking.

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Write 8 pages with APA style on Computers and Computer Networks
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