Write 8 pages thesis on the topic strategy for koyo jeans to enter into the market of china.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic strategy for koyo jeans to enter into the market of china. The brand name “Koyo” got international recognition in France. The company opened the first showroom outside Hong Kong in 2010. The works of Koyo William attracted trendsetters from Italy, Russia and Asia. The brand has become internationally renowned and the creativity and braveness of Koyo Williams paved the path. Koyo Williams integrated exotic cultures into the works which added international competitiveness. The company targets customers with an excellent sense of styling and designs. Environmental audit (current markets) The clothing market of France largely consists of SME and the clothing industry has witnessed the radical transformation. The organization of the sector witnessed an economic as well as technological shift. The industry is heterogeneous with SMEs from differing profiles. The clothing sector of the country has been able to successfully adapt to the creation of more products, matching the demand for clothing with supply, new emerging markets were identified (QRT France, n.d., p. 20). The menswear market of the country generated total revenue of 16.7 million dollars in the year 2008 which represented a compound annual rate of growth amounting to 1.9% for the period of ranging 2004 to 2008. The women’s wear market generated revenue of 27.9 billion dollars in the same year but the annual rate of growth for this sector is 1.8% for the same period as above. The child wear sector generated revenue of 9.7 billion dollars for the same period which represented an annual growth of 1.1% in the same time span. China involves itself in almost all activities related to the textile and clothing industry. China engages itself in exporting raw materials, fibre as well as purchasing of cotton, wool and other requisites necessary for the production of cloth. China offers the largest consumer market for clothing with a massive population and rapid economic growth (Knappe, 2011, p. 2). The country is under the process of urbanization and industrialization. The economy is slowly moving towards a market-based economy and provides a dual structure of the consumer market. In the phase of transition, rural people have migrated into urban places and therefore there is a shortage of labour. The demand for clothing of luxury brands is on the upward rising curve and the suppliers are constantly involved in finding out ways that will meet the ever rising demand. The consumers in the end market were sensitive to prices and fashion with lower prices is the call of the time. Therefore the players in the clothing market are playing according to the trends of the market and fashionable goods with low prices have flooded the market. Probable appreciation of the RMB will enhance the purchasing power of Chinese consumers. The domestic clothing market in China is undergoing a rapid transformation and becoming more versatile and segmented. The consumers are now demanding quality clothing made of pure cotton. The demand for clothing made of other fibres is also on the high. The apparel industry of Spain valued at more than 33 billion dollars in 2011. The industry witnessed growth for the first time since the recession.&nbsp.

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Write 8 pages thesis on the topic strategy for koyo jeans to enter into the market of china.
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