Write 8 pages thesis on the topic effects of the fairy tales on children.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic effects of the fairy tales on children. Children’s craving for the lifestyle portrayed in the fairy tales saps their ability to cope with the challenges of the real world and makes them thankless. Fairy Tales lead to disappointment with life. Fairy tales do not interpret the world in its true colors. They are way off the real world in their themes, environment and relationships between the characters. Having read the fairy tales throughout their childhood, the girls are so influenced that they started thinking of themselves like a princess. They perceive themselves to be pretty while many are actually not pretty enough. Fairy tales differentiate between people only on the basis of their richness. The rich are portrayed as members of the royal family while those who don’t belong to this family are supposedly poor. While the financial status of a family is a string basis of discrimination in the society, many other bases of discrimination are overlooked in the fairy tales. Such bases include but are not limited to age, gender, color, religion and culture. Fairy tales clearly distinguish between the good and the bad. Often, the fairies are bound to be good and the character of the witch encapsulates all the evil in the world. Thus, children start believing that what is bad is as obvious as a witch and the good is what looks good. This principle becomes too subjective in the real world in which there are plenty of double-faced characters. People who apparently look like fairies are witchlike in character while others that are not quite good looking to qualify as fairies may be nobler than the fairies themselves. Thus, children’s perception of nastiness in the world is very deceptive. This increases their susceptibility to be easily cheated upon by the evil forces in the real society. Fairy tales mostly overlook the kind of grudge that cultivates among the siblings in a lot of families. Fairy tales suggest that people belonging to one family are one and must stand united in all circumstances. Hence, believers of the fairytale culture expect their siblings to be very nice to them but they are overwhelmed with grief and confusion when the siblings fight with them. Fairy tales have played an important role in making the women desperate about their marriage as well as life after that. Fairy tales promote the view for every girl that one day, a prince would come riding on a horse from a land faraway and would take her along to the palace where she would live the life of a queen ever after. While this may seem a very delightful idea, this has very limited, if any, connection to the reality. In the wait of their charming prince, girls tend to indulge in activities that they should principally not indulge in. Many girls underestimate their parents’ ability to find that prince for them and hence start the search for him on their own. In their attempt to find the true life-partner, girls make friends with boys and try building relationships with them. Although many of such relationships are not originally intended to be very strong, yet often such relationships drive the girls too far away from their original identity and many end up becoming single parents of the children of their departed boyfriends. A vast majority of the women than do cohabiting are in search of their life-partner who can give them the comfort of the level of a prince.

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Write 8 pages thesis on the topic effects of the fairy tales on children.
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