Write 7 pages with APA style on Knife crime in the uk.

Write 7 pages with APA style on Knife crime in the uk. When one compares the crime statistics of UK with that of the world statistics, it can be seen that the country constitute a meager portion of similar killings but it is considered as a national crisis. Reports state that there was an increase from 12 killings in 2006 to 37 killings nationally in 2007 in which the victim and assassin were under 18, clears the doubts related to the alarming problem of knife crimes, especially among the teenaged. A government Bill which is currently in the House of Lords features Legislature to prohibit the sale of knife or other sharp instrument to those who are under 18. Here, Mick Hume points out: “Total murders in London were down in 2007 for the fifth year in succession, from 222 in 2003 to 160 last year. Within those figures, the numbers of teenagers killed did rise – by ‘over 50 per cent’ as some reports put it. In hard numbers, however, that was an increase from 17 deaths to 26.” (Hume 2008). When the total rate of crimes in London shows a decreasing tendency, the numbers of teenagers killed is at an increasing rate.

In older days, holding a knife for self defence was not considered as a serious offence. But now the situation is becoming more and more complicated and laws in countries worldwide limits the rights of citizens. When a teenager commits a crime by using a knife, there are some limitations to the hard laws. The punishment is decided according to the seriousness, circumstance, seriousness of the injury, etc of the person who committed the crime. So, illegal carriage of knife will result in imprisonment up to 2 years. There are Borstal schools and Juvenile homes for the teenagers who had committed the crime. Here, W. J. Forsythe points out that, decision to construct these sorts of schools and houses for the teenage criminals is to transform their character. As Forsythe states, “They had come into being as a result of assumptions that young offenders were contaminated by prolonged contact with older prisoners, that they lost their dread of prison if sent there at an early age for lengthy periods and that, because of youthful plasticity of personality and susceptibility to environmental influence, they would respond to a regime of training and education.” (Forsythe 1990, p. 45). At these schools and homes, the teenagers are provided with training and education for their future life. The punishment is for the crime committed, not against the person. The psychological and mental torture suffered by the person who committed the crime must be considered. Rod Morgan and Malcolm D. Evans observe: “This view implicitly underpins the suggestion that torture is almost universally proscribed and deprecated and is engaged in only by aberrant individuals or regimes, mostly in far-away places: that is, a phenomenon that need not much concern us in Europe.” (Morgan and Evans 1998, p. x). By generalizing the problem of torturing the teenaged criminals, the right as a human being is limited. Moreover, violence is considered as an important topic in British law and the punishment is decided according to the seriousness of the crime committed. According to J.

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Write 7 pages with APA style on Knife crime in the uk.
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