Write 7 pages thesis on the topic ethnicity and minority groups

Write 7 pages thesis on the topic ethnicity and minority groups. There are the mammoth challenges for the specialist communities, inclusive of social scientists, policymakers, governmental units, students of society, and members of minority and dominant groups. This situation urges for all these people, to contrive a way through which everybody can surface as a human being, and not as a specific color, class or creed. Where the social scientists need to develop ways and means which suit the humans of current times, the policymakers need to establish laws and regulations that are followed in letter and spirit. The students also need to play an instrumental role, as they are the grass-roots which shall develop or destruct the prejudiced system in the next decades. Bias always embedded in the foundations of society and needs to be tackled at that very level.

As Chen clearly specifies through the example of what happened with Eboni. Discrimination of black children not being allowed to play simply because the place ‘looks bad’ is a horrendous representation of a society that preaches democracy and freedom to the rest of the world. Subsequently, the battle for the house acquisition goes on, not only with this family but with many others, who keep on getting rejections because they are not visually and conceptually acceptable. Further, as is elucidated in the environment-based discrimination case as well, there is a colossal prejudice according to demographic data in the facilities and general well-being available to the minorities in Los Angeles County.

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Write 7 pages thesis on the topic ethnicity and minority groups
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The fact of the matter is that ever since man has entered civilization, he has ceased to be ‘civilized’ in the context of equality. In most recent times, especially in the context of the US, this discrimination has been from the onset of colonization and has turned a multitude of economic, political and social turns to take its shape as it is today. As a claimant of ‘the land of opportunity’, the country was eager to allow more and more people coming in, from all cultures, religions, and background. And while the economic opportunity was there, there was a dearth of social acceptance and tolerance. Nonetheless, as the facts suggest, minorities have also stayed on the threshold of economic independence, something which has to lead to a major societal and class difference in a capitalist society. Resultantly, the minorities in the form of race and ethnic groups were segregated behind many glass walls and ceilings.

Herein another problem can be highlighted as well. Though people with strong willpower may well be able to deal with situations in a different manner, everyday social psychology purports that people living in minority groups are likely to have low self-esteem. This is simply because they are being looked down upon, merely because of their lack of strength. And a lack of anything is likely to generate a challenge for the self-esteem of the individual. Self-esteem is a very integral personality concern, but issues of discrimination generate self-esteem challenges on a collective and communal level. Where this may also provide within the group, this also highlights the injustice being done at a wider scale, which affects a whole host of people.

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