Write 6 pages with APA style on Introduction to campylobacter. 163–189).

Since campylobacter is present in large quantities in stool, isolation may be considered from this point. However, it is important to note that isolation requires certain conditions of microphilic atmosphere and a media that contains antibiotics. Several methods have been developed to isolate campylobacter. One of them is the membrane filtration. This is used in isolating the microorganism from low turbidity water. Filters of pore size of 0.45 microns are used, and the water is passed as the platting is done face down for the selective agar for the campylobacter. The selective agar is described below in another isolation method. The filters in this process are removed after an overnight incubation. The streaking of plate for isolation before re-incubation then follows this. Prior lab tests have indicated that in the presence of pre-filtration with filters of pore sizes of 6.0 and 5.0 has consistent results of recovery of about 30 jejuni CFU per 250 ml of the seeded water that is natural (Line 1711–1715).

The other method of isolation is the conventional cultural method. In the laboratory, the sampled specimen is prepared for isolation. If, for example, the sample of raw chicken, a sample of filtrated, chicken rinse water may be used. The water is taken and centrifuged at a rate 16000 times the weight for a period of ten minutes in a minimum temperature of 4 degrees. With an enrichment media of Preston broth, the supernatant is discarded while the pellet is suspended. After the sampled pellet is re-suspended, incubation of the sample at a microbic atmosphere that has 10 percent carbon dioxide, 5 percent oxygen and 85 percent nitrogen. All this happens at a temperature of 3 degrees for 24 hours. The enrichment broth is made consistent with the nutrient broth with supplementation including trimethoprim 10 mg/l, cefoperazone 15 mg/l, rifampicin 5 mg/l, polymyxin B 2500 iu/l and amphotericin 2mg/l.

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Write 6 pages with APA style on Introduction to campylobacter. 163–189).
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