Write 6 pages thesis on the topic implementation of environmental management system.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic implementation of environmental management system. Christopher Sheldon & Mark Yoxon have made seminal contributions in this field and have laid down in a readily intelligible jargon-less manner all that management needs to know and do to implement an effective EMS. (Sheldon, Christopher & Yoxon, Mark, 1999)

International Standards Organisation had first put forward in 1996 ISO 14001 EMS standards which have been further updated in 2004. (International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), 1996) Though it is accepted worldwide to be the common standard, it has no legal mandate, that is, if a company does not implement these standards, ISO per se has no authority to force its implementation. But governments all over the world have passed laws and issued guidelines (Environmental Protection Department, 1995) urging and ensuring that refineries do indeed follow them. The consumers and end-users are favouring those companies who are actively trying to reduce environmental pollution, so it is becoming increasingly beneficial for oil refineries to implement EMS.

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic implementation of environmental management system.
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But many of those who are actually working on the shop floor are not aware of the extent of pollution an oil refinery causes. The wastewater generated during the refining process teems with both organic and inorganic pollutants so much so that it cannot be directly released into a flowing river or sea without causing an environmental catastrophe of sorts. A lot has been written on how this wastewater needs to be treated and experts are of the opinion it requires both time and a lot of wastelands to prepare a wetlands system which consistently reduces the level pollutants in the wastewater generated during refining. (Muhammad, 2006). Consultants the world over feel the entire rank and file of an organisation need to be involved in this process and for that, there is the need of assigning this responsibility to a person belonging to senior management to ensure availability of unhindered co-operation from all departments and corporate funds. It is a common trend to call such a person “Green Manager”. (Corporate Environmental Management Section, 1996) . Dow Chemicals Pacific has its Environment, Health and Safety Director as its Green Manager. Marks and Spencer have appointed its Director of Corporate Affairs as its Green Manager.

The basic responsibility of a Green Manager includes:

Ensuring all employees receive adequate training to implement EMS guidelines at their workplaces

Ensuring in the gradual reduction of Environmental liability resulting in a better public image and, in some cases, reduced insurance premiums

Ensuring cost savings through better-monitored consumption of raw materials and power and properly harnessing the benefits of consequently reduced levels of waste management

Remaining aware and taking benefit of all governmental incentives available for organisations conforming to environmental guidelines

Opening and maintaining channels of communication with all levels of staff to inform the progress and status organisational complicity with environmental legislations and inviting suggestions from them (Welford, R. & Gouldson, A.

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