Write 6 pages thesis on the topic histology of the sea turtle.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic histology of the sea turtle. Some molecular mechanisms are responsible for temperature-dependent sex determination. The molecular mechanisms have not been fully established. however, the literature suggests some processes that are incorporated into the molecular mechanisms. The first is that the H-Y antigen could be a structuring factor for the heterogenic sex organ. The second is that the reversal of sex could take place in males or females that are genotypic. The third indicates that precise sequences of DNA like the satellite DNA part that is located in some snakes could be changed in their phenotypic characteristic like a variable or directing element (Standora and Spotila 711).

Sex ratios determined by TSD are important since they are directly related to the reproduction of the population. Sea turtles are also endangered and this is attributed to hunting, pollution, habitat loss, and entanglement in nets. Integrating TSD related issues would be beneficial to the recovery of species by conservation programs. Sea turtles are basically targeted for food and shells. Information about TSD is useful in protecting egg hatcheries by choosing an appropriate thermal environment that could provide the desired sex ratio (Plotkin, 179).

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic histology of the sea turtle.
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It is important to note that other environmental conditions affect the development of eggs apart from temperature. One of these environmental conditions is moisture. Moisture as an environmental condition affecting the development of sea turtle eggs has been comprehended much better than temperature. If the moisture levels are so low or so high, then, the mortality rate is raised. In the sea, factors resulting in high moisture levels include high tides that force sea turtles to transfer their nests to higher areas. Also, the aeration around the nest is a condition that affects the development of eggs. However, it has not been fully determined what levels of aeration are required for optimum egg development (Ripple 24).

Sea turtles are heterosexual and adults display sexual dimorphism. These differences are more evident in the final maturation phase as secondary sexual characteristics. Mature males have a large tail that extends beyond the carapace and a strongly curved flipper claw used in holding the females during mating. Mature females have scars and scratches on the anterior edge of the carapace caused by the male during copulation. Generally, females do not display any secondary sexual characteristics.

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