Write 6 pages thesis on the topic culture and self-esteem.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic culture and self-esteem. A video clip related to culture and self-esteem was first observed and described as part of a series on Foundations of teaching pre-clinical experience videos. The content is then analyzed and connections are made with other effective teaching practices.

There appear to be about 30 students in the class and some of them are Spanish speakers. This is evident from the instruction the teacher gave in Spanish to one of the students in the front row. The students appear to be elementary grade students of mixed gender and mixed backgrounds. The teacher decides to hand out 3 pieces of paper to each student, one of each color to make a book. New students were given a whole bundle of a particular color to give out to other fellow students. The second classroom scene was only focused on a small group of students of at least six in number. They also appear to have different backgrounds, are of mixed gender, and are from the elementary grades.

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic culture and self-esteem.
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The tone of the teacher is neutral. During the part of the short clip showing the actual classroom experience, the teacher only engages in explaining how to give out the pieces of paper. The tone of the second teacher during the second classroom scene is not clear because the recording is dubbed over by the voice of the teacher discussing self-efficacy.

The first teacher mentions that importance is attached to not only know about the American culture but also to “not lose what you are and who you are”, i.e. to appreciate their own cultures as well. Self-esteem is about how the student feels. not to feel bad about who they are or to learn something new, but to share what they have and what they should be taught. The students learn about the American school and how to cope, but the teacher also learns in the process and strives to make a connection between what the teachers know and what the students know in order to make sure the students feel good about themselves. For example, it was observed the teacher conversed with one student in Spanish at the outset of the recording.

The issue of self-esteem is also directly related to the academic studies of the students. Various tasks are given to them, and whatever the nature of the academic task, if accomplished successfully, the students develop self-confidence, i.e. ‘self-efficacy’ for the particular task undertaken. In short, the teaching is done with a concern for individual students’ native culture and to make them feel valued.

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