Write 5 pages with APA style on The Relationship between Painting, Photography, and Motion Picture.

Write 5 pages with APA style on The Relationship between Painting, Photography, and Motion Picture. They concurrently advance heroic mythology. The moral virtue in grand styles is also not left out. However, an inflexible objectivity never ceases to be an overly important feature of these Narratives. 1870, that’s when the first painting was discovered, this was in a town called Altimira, in Spain (Whitley 29). The cave paintings were discovered by Don Marceline and his daughter. These painting were done by the Magdalenian people before Christ. These painting were majorly boison. In that, the painting are drawn and painted using the boulders of animal’s shoulders. This literally gave them a three dimension look. In France that’s where the Lascaux cave art were discovered, this was by four boys searching for a lost dog. The Lascaux contains seven sections. The hall of the bulls is the most fascinating of all. This is because it contains horses, bull, and stags drawing. They have been painted over bring the notion that other groups of people might have resided in the same caves.

The theory behind cave painting is that, individual not in a position to communicate with each other, opted to express their views using the drawings. Thus they could communicate using the drawings easily. Most of the paintings were of animals nonetheless they exist some exemption like the Lascaux painting (Poh 1). It contained dead man paint. The paint has a human body but has a birds face. There exists some explanation as to why human paintings were few. They believed that if they painted the human he would poses their soul. Contrary to that they assumed the animal cave painting would assist them in their hunting expedition. They also viewed it as magic to assist the hunters and a decoration to their caves. Ancient people used natural objects. This includes tools such as spears, and rocks. They used those items to paint their walls. The color they used was obtained from: berries, clay, soot, or charcoal. Surprisingly they might have used hollow bones, or reeds to spray the color. This just shows how inventive they were or may be the driven by the passion to communicate (Whitley 29). Al Fresco Painting Fresco painting is an art portrayed worldwide. These paintings are normally done on walls of buildings. However, ancient time this took place on caves and rocks. Work or painting done on walls is called Mural. Al fresco paintings can be categorized in two ways. The Buon fresco art painting are on wet plaster. The secco paintings are completed ion dried plaster. In Indian continent that’s where most of this type of painting originated. These painting are from the Buddhist period. They are located in Ajanta caves present day Madhya in India. They expressed Buddha’s tale. Buddhist tales are of moral perspective and good conduct. Fresco is painted mostly in temples, palaces and private residences. The technique used in these painting can last for ages. The painting is painted on wet surface (Alfred 1). This also enhances its survival. The paint is made from natural occurring resources. These are stones, plants and earth. They are crushed after drying them and then powdered. This makes the pigment. It is mandatory to first make the drawing on paper. It is then traced on butter paper. On the outline of the drawing holes are made using pin holes. Finally the drawing is transferred to the wall by dusting fine coal powder through the pinholes. This application is called Suzen Kari. A two point perspective is drawing objects in three dimensions. This advancement has made paintings to come close to reality. This kind of art came about when renaissance were obsessed with the notion of creating an illusion of three dimensions on a flat surface.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on The Relationship between Painting, Photography, and Motion Picture.
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