Write 5 pages with APA style on Technology And Society.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Technology And Society. Technology and healthcare Gone are the days when diseases like TB and malaria were uncontrollable mass-killers. The advent of technology has made it possible to ensure effective prevention and treatment of such diseases. In addition, technology has the ability to provide a secure and convenient environment for interaction between doctors and patients. For example, these days, it is possible for patients of even far-off places to be in constant touch with their doctors through modern communication devices. Yet another point is the flexibility it allows for doctors and patients. The availability of modern communication devices makes it possible for doctors to identify and handle more critical issues first and less important ones at a later convenient time. Another benefit is that there is considerable cost reduction when medical facilities are accessible through modern technology like internet. Through the use of these devices, doctors can follow-up their cases, provide necessary advice, and can help patients locate useful information on the net. Thus, time and money are considerably saved. However, the most important point that is worth mentioning is the availability of modern medical equipments that help identify and treat diseases and defects that were not at all changeable in the past. As Kabene and Wolfe point out, cloning and the treatment of genetic disorders deserve special attention at this juncture. Technology and education Education is another sphere where technology has made great strides of changes. The introduction of e-learning has made it possible for pupils to pursue a graduation from any educational institution around the globe by sitting in the comfort of their homes. In addition, it opened a vast array of educational resources for students to assist in their studies. One can access information on any subject in any library through the search engines. In addition, the availability of technology promotes the idea of self-learning. This enables students to pace their study according to their own learning capacity without being forced to wait for other students to catch up. Also, technology made it easy for educational institutions to manage their student records and to coordinate their activities. Furthermore, learner assessments and responses become quick and accurate, saving time and effort (Advantages and disadvantages of technology in education and military, Science and Technology). Finally, internet opens up new avenues like chat-rooms that help students seek and share knowledge. Business and employment The impact of technology on business is unimaginable. Today, the whole picture of business has changed due to technology. The benefits of using technology in business are, in simple terms, faster communication, easy management of files, better coordination of various departments, better prediction of future chances and risks, easy identification of business opportunities, and easy analysis of the business environment. For example, it becomes easy for the CEO of a company to manage the operations of his company at various sites around the globe using only a computer. Communication is faster and easier both within and outside the company. This speeds up the business, and thus profit.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Technology And Society.
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