Write 5 pages with APA style on Gay Marriage Should Be Allowed

Write 5 pages with APA style on Gay Marriage Should Be Allowed. When two people of the same biological sex marry, that is known as gay marriage. According to some publications, gay marriages mean marriages between gay men as well as lesbian couples. Many challenges are facing gay marriages since some countries have prohibited and refused to accept laws about it. On the other hand, gay marriages have been accepted and legalized in many liberal countries especially in Western countries. In this case, there are both supporters and those who oppose gay marriages among us and in different countries worldwide. In many countries such as the United States of America, gay people have constitutional rights to marry. There is no giving birth to babies when gay marriages are practiced. Instead, some gay partners have decided to adopt children and call them their own in that matter. Many countries that support gay marriages argue that the issue of childbearing is one way or another catered for through the existence of artificially produced babies (Friedman & Lauri 78).

Gay marriage has been for a long time debated on by many people in different countries globally. Gay marriage concerns human rights and basic morals hence becoming an essential matter in society. Gay marriage brings about a lot of financial benefits among individuals. Allowing and legalizing gay marriage will not do any harm to society and family values. They will continue functioning successfully without any interference concerning gay marriages. Gay marriages should be allowed since they do not have effects such as children born out of wedlock rose, the rise of divorce cases, and high abortion rates in society. Therefore, gay families establish partnerships where they effectively contribute to stable and humane communities. Islam and Catholicism though condemn gay marriage and regard it as evil (Mello & Michael 39).

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Gay Marriage Should Be Allowed
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Gay families have been issued marriage licenses that protect them and denounce them as legally married. Gay marriage should be allowed and legalized for another important reason for financial benefits. Since gay partners also pay taxes, they have a right to receive financial support and benefits in society. They ought to gain a lot of financial benefits through a decrease in cost for state benefit programs, higher income taxes, and marriage licenses.

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