Write 5 pages with APA style on Child abuse problem within my community and propose a solution.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Child abuse problem within my community and propose a solution. However, any type of abuse to a child tends to scar the child for life. In this study an attempt is being made at analyzing the problem of Child abuse and trying to find the right strategies and interventions that could be used to minimize the pain and trauma that a child goes through when such a catastrophe happens. Body – Literature review Child abuse is an ugly scar on society, that has a very negative impact on the community and society at large and hence there is a dire need to address this problem by putting an end to the physical, emotional and psychological scourge faced by such vulnerable children. There are many common factors that contribute towards child abuse. Some of these factors include physical abuse, sexual assault, neglect, high levels of stress, abusive childhood, depression and anxiety. Such abuse towards children leaves a lasting impression on them and impacts upon their own lives as they grow into adults. Such abused adults are a threat to their own families and society because they continue to exhibit the same pattern of behavior right through their lives. According to (Cindy, 312) individuals who once get into the habit of abusing do not hesitate from extending this practice towards other members of the family thus further strengthening this trend in the society. (Cindy, 312) Child abuse has proved to have very long term effects on the society, children who are subjected to this blight tend to maintain the same attitude on their future generations especially their own kids. This way a cycle is developed which takes conscious and intended efforts to break in the years to come. (Mary, 250) Some of the reasons for its prevalence involve having being abused during their childhood, insecurity, frustration, revenge, health problems, ego- identity and poor self image which makes them fall an easy prey to Child abuse. Larry J. Siegel et al., (2010) sheds light on the different aspects of Juvenile Delinquency in his in-depth analysis and cutting edge seminal research work titled ‘Theory, Practice and Law.’ In addition to the controversial issues discussed, the authors examine the important initiatives and intervention programs to help children who are delinquents. Problematic issues such as drugs, gangs, delinquency and capital punishment for juveniles are also important aspects of his study. According to (Larry, et al., 2010) adolescent dilemma comprising of conflict, stress, ego identities and problems within the family, school and community serves as a potent ground because they make children vulnerable to Child abuse. Uncertainty of the future due to poor experiences in life makes them disillusioned, depressed and frustrated making them easy prey for child abusers. Statistical figures have exhibited an alarming rise as far as child abuse is concerned. In Greenville South Carolina. 1019 cases of child abuse were reported in the year 2005 which speaks volumes of the negative effects it might have inflicted on the community. (Larry, 64) (Rachel, 220) believes that children who are abused are driven to extreme attitudes. either they become too indifferent towards love or too aggressive which results in bullying other children and in the former case, end up being terrorized themselves. The pioneering work of (Ruth & Kempe, 2001) presents a statistical view of abused children in the United States.

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Child abuse problem within my community and propose a solution.
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