Write 5 pages thesis on the topic holiday inn repor

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic holiday inn report. There after Holiday Inn was found to cater to those needs. It offered the service standards such as air conditioning and ice makers at affordable room rates. These features made the hotels popular they started gaining recognition (Luckerson, 2012).

His idea was to create a standardized hotel chain and offer it to other business persons for franchisee. The idea took off because of the evolution of highways and the increasing amount of travelers who were looking for a reliable brand with decent quality at an affordable price. Thus Holiday Inn follows the business the three legged Stool Business Model. Where the three aspects namely, people, process and tools are all important for the business to survive and each of the aspects are given equal importance.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic holiday inn repor
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There are mainly two types of guests or customers in this scenario. The first are the corporate customers who travel frequently because of their business trips and the second type are the leisure customers who are mainly looking to spend some relaxing time away from work and home.

Corporate clients are representatives that utilize the inn for gathering, business meetings and staying overnight. The holiday inn have had 50 years of gathering and meeting knowledge, they have an advantageous reputation for giving elevated expectations of service, whilst offering incredible worth for cash. The holiday inn gives space to any business occasion, if it being instructional classes, a significant meeting or may be a product launch. The clients expect a no fuss service as their principle goal is to work together. In the holiday inn 95% of the clients are corporate clients, they are there throughout the week meeting other individuals to examine business. Corporate clients may hold their Christmas and Easter parties in the lodging, so they need accessible rooms at those times. The holiday inn meets these necessities by verifying it gives the above.

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